Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Chase and Owen started sleeping in Chase's room together. I think this began when Jeff and I were on vacation in FL and Owen was scared in his room.
Owen at church playing around. He tipped over after this.
kids worshiping at church
Greyson, Hattie and Gavin enjoying a treat and Bergers.

We had some wonderful weather which made it possible to have a lemonade stand in September.  All the neighbors joined in the fun.
a mustache from juice
The kids waved goodbye to Jeff and I as we headed to Florida for vacation.
Costume day at school during spirit week

After bath cutie

Hattie and her BFF, Abby, played one afternoon
We had a family fun day at the mall due to some problems we were having with the van.  Chase and Owen went on these huge bouncers.  They had fun but were a little nervous they would hit something as they bounced.  They were a little nervous to flip, too.

We ended up at Chuck E Cheese's too . . . boy it was a fun afternoon for the kids!
I love this pic!  Chase is telling me about the amazing tickets they won, Jeff is laughing and having fun like a kid!

They each got a huge sucker and were so happy!

Greyson and Hattie played that night after our mall adventure.
Hattie was not happy with Greyson.
Still pouting
Jeff and I went to FL on a vacation to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  This is our family right before we left.

Hattie pouting
Hattie and Owen battling.  She's learned some good moves from them!

playing around
Hattie got cool glasses from Nana Sandy!

Playing at the park on a glorious day after school