Friday, October 28, 2016

Deardorff Apple Orchard

We touch our 9th annual Deardorff Orchard trip on Saturday October 15th and loved every minute of it.  The boys claimed they didn't remember going when they were very little, but did remember last year.  Once we got there all the memories came back and they ran around the place loving it.  Hattie loved seeing the animals and we all liked riding the tractor and walking up and down the rows and rows of apple trees.
Hattie and Owen look at the goat
All 3 look at the goat

The tractor is a major attraction!

all 3 looking . . . a miracle!
Hattie wants to try out the tractor

On the hayride

apple eating

 A couple little goats got out, and then the mom.  Hattie and the boys chased them around and Hattie wasn't at all scared to follow them and pet them.

A Boat Date

We went out on the boat in September with our friends the Cole's.  Their kids and our kids have a blast together and we love it that they share the same passion for Jesus.
Chase, Josh and Owen

Hattie setting ready to go out
All the kids . . . and Jeff

It was not a super warm day but that didn't stop us from jumping in. By us I mean the big kids.  Chase goes first
Then Owen

It was a bit chilly after jumping in

Big sister Hannah got in on the fun