Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trolley Ride

Every summer I try to take the kids to ride the Trolley in Excelsior.  It's such a quick little ride and it's fun for all of us.  This year the boys were very interested in the Trolley and Jeff even came along with us!  We went on Tuesday August 2nd.

Hattie isn't into pictures these days

Chase and Mommy
There she is!  As long as she's making funny faces she will take a picture. I love it when she pulls her head back and you get a big cubby faced smile.  Love the curls created by the humidity.

Chase and Owen loved to watch outside and we rode

Chase waiting for his siblings to come

It was a beautiful hot humid night and we went to Maynard's after for dinner and got to see the geese.

A Week at Nana and Papa Anderson's House

Chase and Owen had the chance to stay with their Grandpa and Grandma Anderson for 6 days and 5 nights when I went back to work this fall.  Owen was a little unwilling at first, but after a good night sleep he didn’t seem to miss us much!  They had such an amazing time, I’m not sure they are gonna want to come home! They got to pick fruit and feed the cows, play with kittens, build a fort and sleep in it, visit a friend’s farm and show sheep and ride horses, go to a SF Canaries game, eat out, make desserts, go to the Zoo, play in the creek, throw cow pies and hang out away from mom and dad and sister. What a wonderful experience for all 4 of them.  Thank you Nana and Papa for making memories and taking care of our sweet boys! :)  These are pictures my mom sent me throughout the week.