Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hattie's Birthday Celebration

 Hattie had to wear these socks . . . .


 June 20th, officially 3!
 and sassy.

 At lunch time we opened presents on the porch and she was so excited!

 Elsa soap and goggles

Puppy changing game from Bjorks

 Tea party set from Mommy and Daddy

She had so much fun playing tea party!  Daddy gave her her own lemonade powder in the bowl and she went to town drinking, making tea for us . . . she didn't sleep well that night.  High on sugar!
 Oh so pretty.

 We made our own Elsa crowns


 The morning of her bday we met our friends at the Fireman's park beach to swim and have fun.  The girls ended up getting totally wet, but had a great time!  Kinley was born the same day and year as Hattie!