Friday, May 27, 2016

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine
This one is a spunky and sweet girl.  I never knew that a little girl could wrap her little cute self around my heart in such an endearing way.  Of course there are differences between boys and girls, but to experience the differences has been beautiful.  I love my boys. I love their roughness and their gentleness and their goofiness.  I love everything about them.  But I love the girl gentleness of Hattie, her sweet touch, when she puts her nose to mine and gently touches my cheeks and tells me she loves me.  Hattie knows what she wants. She is determined to get what she wants and she will work the system to make sure things are done her way.  She likes to pick out her own clothes, most of the time, put on her own shoes, most of the time and do all things herself, most of the time. She loves to help and do things the big kids do, like set the table, get water in cups, give the boys medicine, etc.

This spring she has not wanted to wear a dress without leggings, because that is what she’s always done. She always wants socks with her sandals, because we are coming off a MN winter and she doesn’t know any different.

However, she will surprise me and bring up things I said 1 time, months ago. Like, “Member, you buy me those shoes?” referring to some her friend had. 

k/g, she recently learned to say it, praise God!  We had been working so hard. I would open mouth mouth really wide, say the /k/ sound and it was so rough. She would do the same and try her best but it was always a /t/, until about a month ago. I was so proud to hear that good back sound come out of her mouth and she was so excited too!  Now we practice and if I can’t understand a word she will try to figure out where to put the /k or g/ so that it sounds correct. We try saying new words and she will do itover and over until she finally says, “Me no do it mommy, or me no know how”.  If she can’t think of a word she will say, “What that word again?”
She knows all colors, can count to 12 (minus 5), sing abc song,

I love to see her wild hair in the morning with a little pig tail sticking out of the top.  Or how she wipes her little hairs out of her face with her big blue eyes sticking out.  I just can't get enough of her!
 Rolling down the hill at baseball

 Hair blowing!
 Mornings are always amazing because Hattie is such a ray of sunshine.
 big smiles!
 Getting ready in the morning with Mommy.  "Oh" she says as she looks at the bubbles.