Saturday, April 23, 2016


We had a really wonderful Easter celebrating our Risen King.  We had our Annual Neighborhood Easter Egg hunt and celebration.  On Easter we went to church and had our children's pastor and family over for dinner in the afternoon. The kids all had a blast, except for Chase, who was having some stomach aches. Poor guy.  We also had Harley AND Owen lost his first top tooth!!!

A Puppy Named Harley

On Good Friday, March 25th, we added a new member to our family.  His name is Harley and he is a Shih tzu Poodle mixed puppy.  Harley is super cute and a wonderful addition to our family.  I think the first week of having Harley we were a little unsure about what we had gotten into.  There were a lot of accidents on the floor and we felt we were getting no where!  After having Harley for almost 5 weeks now we can see the progress he has made and love him so much!  The kids each love him in their own way.  Hattie thinks of herself as his boss and loves to tell him what to do, carry him around and give him instructions.  The boys play with him, run, cuddle and love on him.  Jeff is who he looks to when he is scared or needs someone and I'm not quite sure what my role is.  He loves to see me and follows my directions pretty well when it comes to going potty in the yard. Harley was born Christmas Eve and weighed about 5 lbs when we brought him home.  He threw up right away in the car because Jeff pulled a u turn.  Then he threw up again about an hour into the trip. Poor guy.

 Seeing Harley for the first time.  Jeff picked him right up and he cuddled up to Jeff and we knew he was the one.

 Harley as a baby

 Our family of 6 right before we went home, super excited!

 Harley at the Easter Egg hunt the next morning with Chase

 His first poop was right inside my shoe.  What?!
 Cuddles on the couch

 Loving Owen

 ignoring each other

 With Chase's blanket