Wednesday, March 23, 2016

She Knows She's Funny

Hattie LOVES to eat freshly cut cantalope.  I found her digging into this piece and it was too cute to miss. I grabbed my camera and she started posing.  Then she wanted to see the pictures of herself! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Me Luf You Mama

After a night of conferences at work, I came home to find all three children awake.  Most of the time they would be in bed, but this night they were all awake, well kinda.  I was in Owen's room cuddling with him and listening to his day.  Chase came in and made himself comfortable.  Then Jeff came in carrying Hattie, which snuggled into my legs, resting her head on my hip and wrapping her sweet arms around me.  Then she said it.  "Me luf you mama."  The first time I heard these words and my heart melted. It could not have been more perfect.  End of a long day.  Snuggling with my family.  New words that made me smile.  Thanks Hattie!  Luf you, too.

Backwards Night

Jeff was out of town this week and I decided we would have dinner under the table in a tent. It was pretty dark so we got some flashlights and had a fun time!  There were several bumps of the head but we had a lot of fun!

Got one child smiling.
This is so funny!
Chase never smiles anymore. Never.


Something is not right!  She is wearing her cute new "pretties" that she picked out at Target.
wanting something . . .
oh so sad . . .
And then Happy!!!!  Love the curly piggies


Owen has been such a good playmate to Hattie lately.  They have been playing kittens!


I sure do have some funny guys living at my house! It's hard to get a normal smile anymore.

This is their version of their arms around each other for a hug

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Just a Regular Night

Tonight I was looking out our kitchen window at the old oak tree with the swing hanging from it.  It had been a rough hour.  We were all tired.  Hungry.  Tired.  Jeff was out of town.  I was done.  However, I saw the swing.  It was empty and just moving slightly and I thought, "I bet moms with adult children would give anything to see their children outside running around and using that swing."  It was wonderful perspective and helped me be thankful for Hattie sitting on the counter telling me, "No!" and yelling that she wanted Mat n tees (mac n cheese).  It helped soften my heart and remember that there isn't much in this world that really is worth getting worked up about.  So . . . I took these adorable pictures of Hattie eating dinner and watching Daniel Tiger while the big boys played video games in the basement and I breathed and laughed with Hattie.

Cute little face smashed between her painty elbows.  Not sure why she did this pose but she sure loved it!

 Cheeks smashed between the arms!


The other day Hattie and I were playing and out of her mouth came the word, "Actually."  I said, did you just say Actually?  She looked up at me and smiled and said, "Actually!"  The amazing thing is that she used it in context.  Now that she knows I like it she uses Actually quite often.  Amazing what comes out of her mouth.  Mommy, me say Actually!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

More Basketball

My parents came up and were able to see Chase and Owen practice basketball.  They don't always pick the bets basketball worthy outfits, but we let them choose! No judging. :)  
Chase dribbles with 2 hands and 2 basketballs!
running and running
Chase goes after a lose ball.
Chase giving me "the look".
Owen's ball rolling into the basket.
Team huddle
Chase after his ball again
Nice form Owen!
Hmmm, wonder if there is any competition at our house.
Owen learning to dribble 2 balls

Cooersion at it's best

Check out this interaction between Jeff and Hattie. He is trying to get her to eat the broccoli.  She doesn't look happy or willing.  Jeff can get her to do anything though!

Suddenly happy, in Daddy's arms and showing off her big muscles gained from eating broccoli!
Look at those big muscles Hattie!