Friday, January 29, 2016

December Wrap Up

Hattie had her first french braids!

The kids watched videos on the computer
Hattie played hide n seek

We watched tv by light of the Christmas tree
We dressed cute

We cuddled

the kids bathed
we played by the tree
and the stockings
and got rolled up in blankets

we made gingerbread houses

and a new amazing nativity set that I just love!  Look at the painting, sanding, etc. the kids did!

we slept
were silly with hair accessories

were goofy at school

made forts when we were home sick

painted master pieces
had friends over for dinner

made messes with diapers
ate with one less tooth

put together doll houses
made red cake
and Christmas gnomes
and screamed!

and smiled

and were funny

We prayed

and wore headbands
decorated more gingerbread houses

decorated the door

made cookies
used sprinkles

and played on the swing.  It was a long December!