Saturday, October 1, 2016

August Recap

Typical morning, Hattie on the stool eating her "badel"
At one of Chase and Owen's ball games
This girl loves to chose her own outfits and there is no arguing.  Well, you can argue but you won't win and it's not worth the fight.
An afternoon with the neighbor girls.  Hattie is always in the middle since she is the youngest.
Looking at bugs
Heading to the pool one last time

We took a three day trip to my parents farm and had a great time! It was pretty hot so we played in the pool and went to the big pool in town.  We spent lots of time in the garden and fed the cows lots of apples. We even took a hike in the forrest! 

Digging for potatoes
Owen has potatoes
Owen running into the pool

Chase soaking wet!
Owen's excited to be on the farm!

heading to see the cows.  It's HOT!
Hattie feeding the cows

Owen feeding cows
Chase and the cows
Love this photo!
Hattie and Papa

relaxing in the pool

She found the kitten!
First time under the barbed wire fence
Chase helps Hattie

My best friend, Laura, from high school.  We've known each other since we were 4 or 5

Chase and Owen and I had a date to the put put golf course.  We had such a fun time and we are pretty good putters!  We each had a hole in one!

Hattie playing the guitar with Jeff

My favorite time in summer.  The porch with the littles and ice cream.  Hattie's knees have seen better days!
Crazy after playing outside in the sprinklers

Hattie always wants to help mommy.  She's always on the counter!

A fun trip to Cherry Berry

Chase unpacking his backpack in 2nd grade

We went to the Bjork's for a night to visit and hang out.

River Valley had a great "Summer Nights" night.  Chase and Owen were at a sleep over so it was just Hattie and Daddy and I.  She loved riding the horse and even asked for us to take her picture!

Hattie can hold Harley!
The Bjorks and the Bergers
Hattie sleeping
This is what I come home to, Hattie and Daddy waiting on the corner for me.  Then we race home. 
Talking to Owen on Skype when he was at my parents house

Hattie and Chase and I had a special time together at the pool.  We had so much fun playing and the kids really bonded!

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