Thursday, December 17, 2015

September in a Nut Shell

Play time with Nana before she left for FL

Cuddles from Chase

The day Hattie dressed herself
Tied together, I can't break into their bond-

Running to her favorite thing, the swing!

Hattie loves the swing and is independent getting on and off and swinging herself!


Halloween prep

Ready for Halloween
Always a mommy

A loaded stroller!
Hattie loves to play in the water while Mommy cooks and is such a "helper"

More pictures from the Apple Orchard below.

watching "Go Noodle"

Hattie plays and plays with her babies and cares for them so sweetly, often changing diapers.

Happy Girl

October in a Nut Shell

October was fun and we had such nice weather we couldn't help but be outside most of it. We made our annual trip to Deardorf Orchard to ride the tractors, pick apples, play on the hay bales and see the animals.  This year there was a food truck!


The boys
Picking apples

Ready for the hay ride!

Hattie looking at the sheep
"oh look!"
love her piggies!

The kids and I went to the Arboretum too, it was fun but a bit chilly!

Hattie was a bit scared, not sure wy.
CHase doing angels in the leaves! I love this tree that we visit every year.

Over MEA break we took Hattie to her first movie!  Transalvania II.  She did pretty well!   She only needed to go potty 2 times and played in the isle for just a bit at the end.

Hattie helps Mommy get ready in the morning and puts make up and things on too!

Big boys by our big beautiful trees

Playing in the driveway after school
Walking in the ravine
At the neighbors, they were pilling up the leaves and sledding in them!

The boys are in Awana on Wednesday nights and Chase was Jesus, or Noah, I can't remember, on their dress up night.
Here they are all proud of their vests and wings they earned for reciting verses.
Asleep!  Owen is like this every night.
Chase is like this every night.
Pushing the swing
tough chase
giving me a rock
A beautiful fall day