Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I'm still amazed at the love Chase and Owen have for each other.  They are so kind, so generous, so thoughtful and loving toward each other, and Hattie, for the most part.

Yesterday Owen came home from school and pulled a folded piece of paper out of his backpack.  He unfolded it and glowed.  He then went over to Chase and handed it to him with a big smile.  It said, "I love you Chase, love Owen."  It makes my heart just melt to think of him at school, thinking about his brother and making him art.  Chase looked so touched and went up to Owen and hugged him so big and said thanks.

Jeff and I just stood there and I think we both wanted to cry at this wonderful display of love.  They are always thinking of each other, and I mean always.  They are usually looking out for each other, talking with each other and tracking with each other.  It's so amazing to me.  Their "togetherness" is awesome!

It can also be challenging.  Since they track so well it's sometimes difficult to break into their play or their world. You almost have to get in between them and make them look at you in order to get them to pay attention.  :)

I sure love these boys!

Hattie's Friends

Hattie has a couple neighborhood friends.  One, Ella, lives next to us, and Finney lives across the street.  They are both 4, but Hattie LOVES them, especially Ella.  She asks for them to come over and notices when their garages are up, which means they are home.

She sings about Ella at night and to get her to do things, like eat her food and go to bed, we are able to use the "Ella card".  "Ella eats her peas.  Ella goes to bed now."

She loves to hold Ella's hand and run and scream and play girl stuff with Ella.  Ella likes to tell Hattie what to do.  She's the youngest too.  Hattie also likes to tell Ella what to do, in a friendly manner. They have fun together!

More baseball


Hattie has somehow learned the word "mean" and likes to tell me I'm mean at times. :)  This mostly happens when she has not been listening and has to take a tiny time out on the steps.  Then she puts her head down, sticks out her bottom lip and says, "mean" or "Mommy mean"!  How in the world do kids know what that means and that I'm being mean?!!!  It's so cute I just have to smile. :)

She also is saying almond, nope, yeah, yes, ceiling and many many other words.  Her longest is "No stay home Daddy," in reference to Jeff not being able to stay home from work.

Hattie does not really like to try to say a word in front of you.  When you turn away to do something else she will then try the word and is proud when she says it.  She's pretty self-conscious already.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dancing at The Children's Museum


Peercy's Visit and Staycation

My sister and her family visited July 22-26th and we had a blast. We were tired and worn out by the time they left.  It was like a mini staycation for us!  We went to the World's Biggest Candy store, Scott County Fair, Children's Museum, Chase and Owen's baseball game and hung out lots and lots.
Such great sharing
The crew.  Owen, Chase, Hattie and Anderson
Anderson and Hattie in the tub
Hattie not happy
laughing at each other

After baseball
candy store. It was too sunny to look at me!

The fair

Hattie's first pony ride
Owen and Chase on the oldest ride!  It's historic. They had a blast going by themselves!
They they go!
What a beautiful day!
Around the ycome

Riding the amazing Merry Go Round

Chase, funny boy.
Ride em cowboy!
Hattie loving the ride
It's hot but I like it!
Uncle Lane with the boys

Children's museum-Chase looking cute
Outside on the roof in the sand pit
Dancing to music.  Love the outfits!
Chase was so funny dancing and singing
Hattie liked the bus
and painting her face
and going barefoot in the sand
The boys liked playing together

Hattie is in on the action
There's Anderson
She loved the bubbles!

Hattie turtle
Owen Turtle
My sister Kate and I.