Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Shoe Tying

Boys leaned to tie their shoe laces in one setting. Was so nervous cuz it can be frustrating. Owen kept saying, I know how to do it, after doing it one time. But sure enough he knew!


We were reading goodnight moon and Hattie noticed the grandma bunny, who she calls mommy, was not in her chair. She told me she went "poop" then made a big tooting noise and started laughing.

Last week Hattie got out of the bathtub and had a big toot that flapped her cheeks and she was shocked and started laughing.  Also last week Hattie had a big cough that resulted in a huge toot at the same time. Her face was priceless as she liked behind her in shock!

Monday, August 17, 2015

4th of July

Hattie pushed her baby

First Sleepover

Owen and Chase had their first sleep over last week and they couldn't have been more excited!  Our neighbor across the street had them and another friend over for a camp out in the back yard.  They got their sleeping bags, flash lights, etc. and were all set.  According to my neighbor, Kate, they began to trickle into the house around 11:15 and were all asleep by 11:30.  :)  They stayed the whole night and we were so proud of them.  According to Chase it was the "Best day of my life ever!"  So cute!

Monday, August 3, 2015


Hattie's words have been exploding lately.  Having had Chase and Owen who were delayed in their speech, it's been really fun to hear new words daily.  Last night on the way home from camping she was talking saying something and finally covered her eyes and said "Sunny", however, it was more like "Unny".  Couldn't believe it.  She then said, "toot, Ela, Addy, Abby, thank you," and many more words.  She knows so much and she understands absolutely everything.

Hattie's Lunch Box

We took a trip to Target last week to get the boys' school supplies.  Hattie did great in the cart, cleaning it with the wipes they provide.  Finally she got sick of that and wanted out.  The boys were looking at folders so she went to the same area and soon enough she was loading the cart with Elsa and Anna folders! 

We moved on to the lunchboxes. I had decided the boys could get a new lunch box.  They were trying to decide and I could see Hattie out of the corner of my eye but I didn't really know what she was doing.  The boys had thrown their lunch boxes in the cart when I see Hattie run/hopping (that's how she runs) over to me with, holding in front of her with both hands, a princess lunch box.  She looked up at me with a big smile and big blue eyes and reached up to throw it over the cart, which was difficult since she isn't that tall.  Then she looked at me with big eyes.  I said, "Hattie, you don't need a lunch box, the boys need one for school."  She just looked at me with sad little eyes like she didn't understand and I couldn't say no!  How do you say no to that.  She just wanted to be like her brothers and get a new lunch box.  She doesn't know why they are getting one.  So, we had to look through and make sure it was the one she really wanted and after a little debate, it was!  Oh she just melts my heart with her innocence and sweetness.