Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Chase and Owen turned 7!!!! On July 1st. I had their doors decorated with streamers; we had breakfast and opened presents (Mixels and Constructobots) and headed to swimming lessons.  We took their friends Will and Colin to Cherry Berry for ice cream after that and everyone had fun! That night we had their favorite meal, mac n cheese and corn dogs! J  It was a wonderful day remembering back to the day they were born.  It truly is amazing how fast time goes and how much I love them more and more each day.  They are amazing boys.
opening gifts in the morning
Opening bionicles!
Owen excited about his new Lego Mixel
Chase with his gifts!
making cake!
The boys picked out the blue cake and yellow frosting.  Yum yum.
Happy birthday to Chase
and Owen!

Hattie likes cake too!
Sweet 7 year old Owen boy
Crazy birthday boy Chase

Likes:  Mixels, Legos, Constructobots, Bionicles, baseball, fruit snacks, ice cream, cookies, corn dogs, salami

Dislikes:  going to bed early, being bossed around by brother or anyone else.

Bed time in summer has been 9:00, during the year it’s more like 8:00.  Chase and Owen are such good boys.  They for, the most part, list well and treat others very well.  They are always advocating for people they feel have been bullied and are sensitive to being teased or picked on.  They stand up for each other and love Jesus with all their hearts. 

Chase is fun loving and enjoys being with people all the time.  He has so much fun and can go and go and go.  He is fair and a rule follower and likes to make people feel welcomed.  He loves Jesus, says prayers at dinner, loves his sister and brother, reads very well and works hard.  He doesn't complain much and works hard most of the time.  There are times when he doesn't feel he does something well and then doesn't want to play (like baseball practice at home).  He is creative, plays well by himself, has great ideas and is loving to me.  Chase loves to cuddle, have his blankey with him and loves stories.  He organizes play well and groups of kids well.

Owen has a great sense of justice and will try to talk you into whatever it is he wants. He doesn't take No for an answer, unless it's really important.  He's not disobedient, just is able to argue his point!  He feels for others and is very empathetic, often getting tears in his eyes as he "feels" what others are feeling.  He helps Hattie a lot in the car because he sits next to her and she seeks him out for help.  He loves to have others over too.  When he has had enough friend time he will come in the house and play by himself (not too often, but sometimes). He's a hard worker and wants things perfect and can get frustrated if it's not.  He is also a good reader and friend.  He loves Jesus and often asks questions or says we should pray for others.

My boys amaze me daily and I am so thankful for them in my life!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Potty Training

On Wednesday last week we started Potty Training and Hattie went poop in the toilet right away!!   I couldn't believe it!  I had the potty chair sitting out (It's Elmo and she loves it way more than the regular toilet!) in the bathroom and I heard her say "poop", walk into the bathroom and sit down.  I thought I would give her privacy.  She came running out yelling "Poop! Poop!" So I followed her to the bathroom and sure enough she had pooped in the potty chair!!!!  We all yelled and screamed and were so excited for Hattie.  Ever since then she's had many other successes in the #2 area.  She's had many successes and many messes in the #1 area, but she's doing so well!  She'll be playing outside and run inside to go potty.  I'm so proud of my little girl.  I bought her some new cute underwear and they look so little and cute on her little buns.  :)  She's proud and so are we!

Saturday, July 18, 2015



Sunday, July 12, 2015


 This year we sat in the front row, which was so awesome!  We got to see everything front and center!

 Each year the kids raise an amazing amount of money for an organization.  This year they gave to Samaritan's Purse and the efforts in Nepal.  Chase and Owen raised about $25 by selling lemonade and freezies. They were so proud to be able to donate and even gave from their own piggie banks.
 Nothing warms the heart like random moving guys stopping to support the kids!
 Chase is loving it!
 Our biggest customer didn't pay a whole lot, but who could take money from her?
 This is a picture of Chase speaking into the mic (and it displayed on the screen behind) telling about their lemonade stand.  He was so nervous and kept asking how much they made. When he finally got up there he said he made 25 cents! : )
Owen racing in a game

 Cool moves Chase
Just cute!

Little Buns

Kids Sleeping


Bedtime Cuddles for Mommy and Hattie

 Our routine

Summer Fun Outisde

 My 3 babes having some ice cream on the porch. Ahhhhh, summer is lovely!
 snaps in the driveway right around the time of the 4th of July

 discussing what will happen if you touch a smoke bomb

 On the island

 Owen being brave and swimming in the lake!

 Hattie loves the peony

 Last week of School for Mommy, Chase and Owen at the beach
 Chase on the slip and slide
 water fun in the driveway

 Father's day on the lake with Hattie in my favorite suit!

 Father's Day on the Lake with the whole family
 Chase and Hattie
 Daddy swinging with Hattie
 At the beach
 Chase and Hattie at the library
 Kiddos at the park

 Hattie is cashed out after a morning walk with Mommy
At the beach with Kinley