Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hattie's 2nd Birthday

Our sweet little girl Hattie, turned 2 on June 20th and we had a baby doll birthday for her.  It was such a fun day!  We also celebrated Chase and Owen's 7th birthday with our family.  Hattie is such a sweet little girl and we feel blessed by her daily.  Nothing like a June birthday wearing Christmas Jammies!
Chase showing Hattie her birthday present!  A new castle
Opening hair bows.  The bandaid she put on herself-no owie.
Opening the Minnie Mouse jammies she picked out for herself!

Seeing her new kitchen for the first time, from Nana and Papa Anderson

Chase showing her how to work the kitchen

Nora and Jackson

We had a little bit of a breakdown when Hattie opened her new stroller from Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Pat. She wanted it put together right away and cried and cried.

Cake snapped her out of her crying.

Singing Happy Birthday.  Look at the sweet boys!

Chase blows out his candles
Hattie blows

Monday, June 15, 2015

Last Day of Kindergarten

The last week of Kindergarten was super fun for Chase and Owen.  They had themed days so they didn't have to wear their uniforms, which was nice because I was sick of their dingy old white shirts (that made their way quickly to the garbage bin). 

I was happy and sad for them.  My big boys are headed to first grade.  No more kindergarteners.  They were very ready.  They were tired of being called kindergarten babies. The bus ride can be cruel. 

They were fortunate to have amazing bus drivers who really cared about them and ran a tight ship.  However, they did learn some good and bad things on the bus.  They learned how to share, how to not take toys on the bus, learned they can't sell their toys to others, the "F" word (much to my dismay), the "A" word, other potty talk words, made friends, learned what happens when they don't listen and have to go to the office, and how to tell others to "Stop!". 

 Owen's last day of Kindergarten
 My big boys the last day of school
 Chase's last day of Kindergarten

 Getting on bus 308, the morning bus

First Boat Ride and Other Stuff

Big smiles
Thumbs up, helping Mommy get ready before work.
First boat ride of the season.  Hattie was very tired from no nap, cold and a little scared.