Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sometimes She's Sad

Times can sometimes be tough.  Like last night. Hattie went to bed at 10:00 pm the night before and was having a hard time at home last night.  This is what she looked like most of the night, poor girl.  
 Sometimes when she is mad or feels bad she will cry and walk over the the wall.  She will put her hands on the wall, head on her arms and cry against the wall.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Hanging from the Swing Set

Hattie learned to hang from the handles!!! I had been trying to teach her to pick up her legs but she wouldn't do it. Last night she picked up her little legs and swung!  Yeah Hattie!

Big Boys

My littel boys seem to have gotten much bigger this year.  They now chase the girls around and play fighting.  They love to act tough.  Here are Chase and Owen last night acting all tough!

Track and Field Day

Chase and Owen had track and field day, however they were not really able to tell me what went one.  Something about "running around in a circle" and "throwing a ball".  Hmmmm.  Here is a picture of them the morning of the field day.

Owen and Chase's Spring Concert

The boys had a concert at school for the Kindergarteners and First Graders.  The theme was "Stars" and the songs were just perfect for that theme.  Chase and Owen didn't miss a cue with their wonderful actions and singing.  At one point I could even hear Chase singing! video
 Owen is in pink and Chase in blue
 Chase smiling
 Owen making a funny face next to his friend Evan
 Owen singing

 Chase singing

Owen and Hattie Groove!

Hattie loves to dance so Owen put the music on for her and he got busy too!  Owen put on his "cool" hat and sunglasses and Hattie had to do the same. I was laughing so hard! video


I love how Hattie says "Bowl!" video

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Poopie on the Potty

Hattie went poopie on the potty at Amber's house yesterday!  Yeahhhhhh Hattie!

Monday, May 18, 2015

I Want To Remember

Chase and Owen wanting to be "Big Boys"

Seeing Hattie's head bob around the bed as she walks into our room in the morning to my side of the bed.

Seeing Jeff bring in a smiling Hattie when I get ready in the morning.

Chase and Owen hanging on me, jumping into my arms to give me hugs before going to school.

Asking them 10 times each time (no joke) to go upstairs, get your jammies on, put your clothes in the hamper, go potty, brush your teeth, stop it, brush your teeth, stop doing that, how did you get that dirt under your nails?

Chase and Owen asking me to "scratch my back and sing to me".

Chase liking me wearing dresses and wanting to see what is under it!

The boys smiling at me when I wear a dress and dress up a bit-telling me I'm pretty.

The boys smiling so much at Jeff and I went we hug, then they all run around to get between us so we can have a family hug.

Every single little cut/owie needing to be looked at and bandaided.

Cuddling Hattie with her arms around me and her hand on my face, right before bedtime.

Owen and Chase asking me to sleep with them and cuddle.

Owen asking if he can marry Hattie.

Owen and Chase telling me they want to live at home forever.

Nana Sandy Visits

I thought I had more pictures from Nana Sandy visiting, but these are the only two I can find.  Nana visited back in March and we were all so happy to have her!
Hattie warmed up to Nana with no problems!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


We had a very nice Easter.  The kids woke up early, ran downstairs and got into their baskets before I could hop out of bed!
Here sits Hattie with her basket full of goodies.

Owen is happy about his new Beanie Boo
Chase runs (in Christmas jammies) to find eggs
Owen is on the look out

This was our very poor attempt at a picture before church.  It was too bright and too much for their little eyes.

Hattie finds her basket and some eggs

Pretty Hattie in her Easter dress

Happy with her Doc McStuffins doll

Happy Easter!

Easter Prep

We had so much fun getting ready for Easter this year.  We dyed so many eggs and had so much fun!
Chase and his eggs

We had the annual neighborhood egg hunt and despite the cold brisk morning, lost of people turned out.

Mommy swung Hattie
Hattie didn't want to look for eggs, but gladly held onto one why she swung.
Owen and his loot.  He got a little more than the allocated 12!
Looking at their treats after the egg hunt.