Thursday, February 26, 2015

Funny Faces

Hattie has many funny faces.  Most of the time when she makes a funny face I find myself making the same one.  I wonder who she learns them from?!
Hattie plays by the window with Chase and Owen's Lego guys.  OHHHHH she's saying

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Washing Hands

Look at those little toes!!

So big!
Who me?!
Reaching . . . her little arms are not quite long enough yet.

So sweet!
Don't laugh Hattie!
Oh Mommy!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hattie at 20 months.

Favorite Toys:  babies, bottles, books, anything Chase and Owen are playing with

Loves:  Mommy! (Daddy and brothers too), babies, riding in Daddy's car, treats and snacks, mints, coloring with markers, taking lids off, acting like a mommy, diapers, balls, helping Mommy clean, being a big girl, dancing, singing,

Dislikes:  eating dinner, changing diapers sometimes,

Eating:  not such a fan at this point in life.  She does like avacado, chicken nuggets, raspberries

New things:  New words each week.  She currently

Communication:  Bu for book, ball, du for duck.  Hattie has so many more words than the boys had.  She understands absolutely everything you say to her!  She "sings" in the car when we drive places. Her favorite sons are "Jingle Bells" and "Deck the Halls". She sings the "Fa la la la la" part.

Personality:  She's very perceptive, sensitive and doesn't like people to be disappointed.  If we need to tell her "no," mostly for a safety reason, she often looks down and cries.  She loves to help and be a good girl, which she is!

Independence:  Very independent!  She can get her own kleenex, wipe her nose and throw the kleenex away!  She's starting to tell us she has to go potty.  She says, "Poop" and points at her bottom.

Books:   A Baby book (with a picture of a mommy and a baby), shoe book, Elmo book, Brown Bear Brown Bear

Motor: Hattie doesn't sit still! She loves to run, be chased and be silly.  Her fine motor is amazing. She puts pegs (from the game Trouble) on the little tabs and can open and close things. 

Bath Time: When asked if she wants to take a bath, she says, "No."  However, once up in the bathroom she can't wait to get in.  She loves to play in the tub and loves it when the boys are in the bathtub with her.  She does not like to get out!  We have a towel that is a puppy.  If we have the puppy towel she is happier to get out and will finally let us wrap her up in the towel.  Prior to the puppy towel she would cry when we wrapped her up!

Wake Time: 5:30-6:30

Bed Time: 7:15

We can't get enough of this sweet little girl who amazes daily.  She is just sweet sweet sweet, funny, loving, caring and so smart! Thank you God!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

February Norms

Hattie in her big high chair, which she insists upon sitting in (instead of her little chair one).

Daddy holding Hattie "football" style.
Owen got in on this one
Owen and Daddy have a serious conversation on the couch.

Hattie colors and takes all the caps off the markers.  Almost all of our markers are dried out.

I'm so happy I didn't delete this picture of Hattie.  This is how she uses both hands to eat, to make sure the food doesn't fall off the spoon on the way to her mouth. :)  She's such a good utensil user!  She always has been.

Valentine's Pancakes

I made some yummy heart pancakes for my little loves on Valentine's Day.  Jeff and I went out to dinner together! We got to have sushi, which brought us back to when our romance all began; Valentine's Day 2006!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hattie's Interest in Daddy's Car

Yesterday I was driving the kids to daycare.  Jeff had left just seconds before us and Hattie saw him drive away.  Hattie loves Daddy's car!

As we were driving I could hear her in the back, "Dada (trilling of tongue) Dada (trilling of tongue),"  she was saying this over and over.  I snapped out of my own head and said, "Oh Hattie, you're right, Daddy is driving in his car!" She shook her head yes and did the loudest biggest trill of her tongue.  "Yes Hattie, Daddy drives really fast!"  She shook her head again and smiled and went back to saying, "Dada (trill)," over and over.  It's amazing how with such basic communication a child can communiate what they are thinking.  I love her little voice and interests!

Special Memories of Boys' Actions and Comments

When I got a new phone I lost some of the journal notes I was saving.  Here are few notes from last Winter 2014.

Chase ran to the house after school, threw his arms around my legs and hugged me, biggest smile on his face.

Owen said he couldn't wait for Hattie to get bigger so they could play more

The boys say, "Scaried me," when something "scared them."

On Monday March 24 Chase was home sick with me and Owen went to Kelly's. When I pulled in to get him he came running out of the house with his hat askew, bag over his shoulder smiling ear to ear. He came around the car and threw his arms around me. Best moment ever. Love that kid.

March 25 Chase and Owen talking about a fire on the earth with elephants that could use their trunks to put out fire.
Multimedia Message May 21 Wow look at those sticks growing in the water. Look at that fog. I can't even see. It's going to cause a traffic jam!
Chase "Holy macaroni!"
Owen "But I didn't put my lips on it". Referring to licking a card and sealing it.
Owen Sept 12 said about Chase's Pokemon, "wow that's impressive"
I tried "sand hanitizer" said Chase
Hattie blew kisses for the first time.
Sept 14, after drinking stinky vitamin drink I carried Owen to bed. He smelled my breath and said , "your breath is gross. Normally it's so nice and calm". Ha!
Owen got off the bus Friday and ran right toward me full boar and hugged my legs so tight. Ahhh

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hattie and Daddy

Hattie and Daddy were watching the birds, squirrels and other animals run around our backyard last weekend.  Such a sweet shot of them and the natural light coming in the window.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Chase's 100th Day of School Conversation

Chase and I were laying in bed talking about his 100th day of school celebration. This is how it went.

Chase: Hey mommy tomorrow is the 200th day of school!
Me: It's the 101st day. Today was the 100th day.
Chase. Tomorrow is a special day at school! It's the 130th day of school.
Me: (laughing) No it's the 101st day. Yesterday was 99, today was 100 and tomorrow is 101. It's just like counting up.
Chase: Wow I didn't know that (101) even existed!
Me: (laughing)  I love you Chase.
Chase:  I love you Mommy.  Scratch my back and sing to me.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hattie's Babies

Hattie LOVES her babies. Loves. Loves. Loves.  She could play with them all day!  She has probably 7-10 of them and they lay all over the house.  She loves to give them bottles and make noises like they are eating it, change their diapers, put clothes on and off, hold them and pat their backs. She is such a good little Mommy.  She's funny with thetm because one minute she will be gently holding one, patting its back and the next moment she throws it on the ground and runs to get another baby, which also gets thrown on the ground in a pile. 
Getting the diaper ready
Hattie also loves diapers!  The more the better!
"Yeah diaper!"
laying all the diapers out
hug and pat the baby
pat pat

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Snowy Moment from Last Year

I found this in my journal and wanted to blog about it .  . .

April 4, 2014 I watched Chase and Owen frolic in the April snow from our living room window. They were on the play set, got down, and started to run after each other in the snow. They were just bounding up and down smiling at each other laughing. Then Owen threw himself up and back and did a snow angel. Then Chase fell back and did the same. It was maybe my single most favorite moment. I just smiled and laughed from ear to eat. I just loved their joy and their love of fun and they are my boys! I was just beaming and couldn't have been happier.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Christmas with Nana and Papa Anderson

Owen and Chase got wiper glasses! They thought they could actually wear them in the rain. he he

Hattie helps Nana open her present.
"What, is this for me?!"
Hattie got a sweet little cradle for her babies and just loved it!!!  She knew right what to do and started rocking her babies.
Then she picked up the cradle to take it into the playroom where the boys go.
Another big bag for Hattie?! She's excited!

Trying to see her cute little baby high chair
Nana got some good snuggles after naps

giggling with nana

Nana, Papa and the grandkids!