Saturday, January 31, 2015

Reading With Mommy

We had a nice time reading over Christmas break, nothing like some snuggles with the boys and a big trip to the library to get 19 books!

Susie's Birthday

On my birthday, the 8th, I had MOPS, so I wasn't home with the family.  So, on the 7th, I just happened to be home with a sick Chase.  We made dinner and Jeff brought home a wonderful cake that was soooo nice! He knows how much I love birthdays and cake. :) Chase and Owen were so excited to buy me a gift-a SkyLander-however the morning of my birthday Chase looked at me with sad eyes and said, "We don't have a gift for you Mommy. I'm sorry."  Soooo sweet.  Jeff had a gift but the boys didn't know it.

Hattie Girl

Hattie is so funny, sweet, and just plain cute!
 Hattie plays with her baby on the floor in the kitchen
 Her first beater

 Hattie's pouty lip.  Not sure why she is so sad
 She liked to play with the kinetic sand.  Mommy about had a heart attack.  Too messy

 Hattie likes to run around upstairs. She no longer heads right to the stairs, which is nice!

 Not so happy, :(

Chase Cooks

Lately Chase has been interested in helping me cook.  He browns hamburger, peels carrots and helps make soup.  It's fun to have a helper!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ginger Bread Houses

We made super yummy and cute ginger bread houses before Christmas. Chase and Owen were very creative and had fun eating AND decorating their houses! :)
Owen eyes his bag of candy!

Chase eats and puts candy on his house
Chases's cute house
Owen's creative house

Ice Cream

Daddy and Hattie have a special relationship around icecream!  When Hattie hears the freezer open she runs to Daddy and asks for some. She then runs to a spot in the middle of the floor, sits down, crosses her legs, puts her hands in her lap and looks up at you with a smile.  It's so funny!  Daddy comes over and sits with her and feeds her treats!

Their Spot!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015


Playing with Eyes


Chase and Owen love to sit at the little table and color and draw.  They look so big there now!
Hattie can be found just sitting on a chair by herself.

In the ottoman
With all the skylanders!
Owen excited about Skylanders!