Sunday, December 28, 2014

Play Time with Daddy and Owen and Chase

You can fly through the air!

Cuddle with Owen and Hattie
Snuggle with Chase and read a book

Sit on the floor, oh so comfy

Play school bus

get pushed in the diaper box
and relax after a hard day of play. (man Hattie looks like me in this picture)

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve Jeff had to work so I took the kids to a family service at church.  We met a friend of mine and her kids and then had lunch at Jimmy John's after.  The kids had a great time at the service, Hattie made it through the whole service and we all had fun!  The service was fun because kids got to participate by being a wise man, angel, donkey or Shepard.  Chase decided to be a shepard and was very cute.  Owen and Hattie stayed with me.  We watched Chase walk in with all the shepards and he was smiling ear to ear.  Once Jeff got home we went to church with him again and had a really lovely service, singing and appreciating all that Jesus did for us.

We came home and had a nice meal together, even though Hattie was very tired and crabby and the boys had just had a melt down.  Jeff and I had told them that when we got home from church they could open the one present we had put under the tree earlier.  They knew it was clothes from the feel of it.  Even so, when they opened the gift and saw jammies they flipped out.  It was slightly funny, slightly maddening.  Owen, especially had the most difficulty accepting this gift.  He had even told me that he wanted Christmas jammies!  Anyway, Jeff and I told them they could open one more gift, so they did and settled down. They loved the jammies, and still do.  :)

Before leaving for the children's church service at 11:00.  Weird kids.
really weird.
Sweet Chasey
Goofy Owen (this was the best picture out of about 20)

 My little cutie all ready for church.  bow and chapstick in hand.
 The shepards
 LOVE this picture of Chase peeking around to see us!

After church they got to open a gift and they got SkyLanders!!!!

Mommy and her children before evening church
This is just a wonderful picture, isn't it?!!
The jammies that were rejected at first, are now loved!
Hattie in her new jammies with Daddy

Owen opens another SkyLander!

Hattie and Mommy read Hattie's favorite book, "Brown Bear Brown Bear".

The boys had to try out their new SkyLanders on the portal before bed

All ready for morning!