Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hattie Says "Up"

November 19th Hattie said, "Up", with the /p/ at the end. I was so proud!  She had been saying "uh" but had not put the final /p/ on yet.  It was music to my ears and she beamed from ear to ear.  Last weekend we were working on "help" and she may have gotten that too.  Yesterday at daycare they worked on saying, "apple" and she said that as well, in this little tiny sweet voice.  I just love to hear words come out of her mouth!

Hattie can be very emotional. If she's doing something that she shouldn't be and it isn't even a big deal and you tell her "no" or "no thank you Hattie", she may cry really loud and feel badly. She seems to be more emotional than the boys were but then again it's been 5 years since they were this little!

She's very good about checking with you to see if she can do something. For example, she was eating gold fish in her bowl.  She found a larger tupperware bowl.  She looked at me, pointed to the big tupperware bowl, indicating she wanted to pour her goldfish in, and waited.  I told her she could pour her goldfish in, so she did! :)

The other day when Jeff was home in the afternoon with Hattie they were trying to get the Little People school bus to work.  They tried to replace the batteries and Hattie helped with the screwdriver. When I got home she showed me it wasn't working.  I said, we should check the batteries.  She looked at me, hopped up and ran to the drawer where the screw driver is.  She took out the screw driver, came back, sat down with the school bus between her legs, flipped it over, put the screw driver in the hole and started to turn it! What a smart girl and what great fine motor skills! :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Owen's Fish Award

Owen received a FISH award at school for outstanding behavior and being helpful to a friend.  This is a big deal at school and he was recognized in front of the entire school body and parents.  It was a very special day and he was very excited and proud.  Chase was also proud and excited for him.
Owen received a certificate.
three of the kinders
All of the kindergarteners
My big boy and his award.  So proud of him!


I was sitting with Owen in my school library.  The family came to visit me during parent teacher conferences and he was reading a book he found at the book fair.  He opened the book and said, "This is sick!"  My jaw dropped open.  Where is he getting this stuff from?!  I asked what he meant by that and sure enough, he knew the meaning.  My littles are getting so big!

Friday, November 14, 2014


Halloween this year was great!  Chase and Owen were very into decorating the house.  They ran around putting our pumpkins and other decorations all over. Hattie moved many of them.  The boys had a Trunk and Treat event at their school the Friday before Halloween.  It was so fun to meet some of their friends and have a nice evening out.  Hattie dressed up too!

We carved our little garden pumpkins that we grew.  I think we had  total of 20 pumpkins this year.  Chase and Owen had a lot of fun carving and helping, whereas in years passed they didn't want to get their hands dirty.

Daddy and Owen work on Owen's pumpkin
Hattie helps Chase with his pumpkin!

Chase (Bat Man) and Owen before Trick or Treating.  They had told me they wanted to be Pokemon Trainers.  I was prepared to make them their costumes.  2 weeks before they changed their minds and wanted to be Super Man and Bat Man again.  So cute!

Hattie actually let us put her costume on!  She peered out the window and was so excited to get outside!
My cute little ladybug.
She's free!  She took off running once she was let out of the house.
My 3 Halloween buddies
Look at Owen's eyes in this one! Cracks me up! 
Hattie got a sucker.  We first drove down to our friend Kim and Judy's house to see them. It was so cold out we were fine driving. Hattie didn't care to go out after that so she and I handed out candy for the first shift.  The boys came back with Jeff and I took them out to the rest of the neighbors.  They were so fast!  I was walking an old neighbor and we couldn't keep up!  Owen just ran from house to house cutting through the yards.  Chase would stop to see where I was after coming out of the house and got permission to keep going.  They didn't get tired at all.  Their buckets were full to the top and were hard to carry at the end so they were fine to go home. 

Chillin on the stairs eatin my sucker.

Chase's loot!  Look at all that candy!
Owen's loot!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hattie and Her Baby

Hattie just loves her babies!  She likes to take them with her wherever she goes. Tonight she wouldn't part with baby at dinner and I found she was feeding the baby rice and making smacking noises like we do when we eat. :)