Friday, October 31, 2014

Snuggles and Cuddles

I can't get enough of Hattie's cuddles! She is such a sweet little girl and loves to hug and cuddle with Mommy.  She throws her arms around me, lays her head on my shoulder and pats my back.  I just love it!

Morning cuddles
Everyone loves to play in the basement and there is usually some sort of wrestling that goes on. 
Here Owen cuddles Hattie

He tickles her!

Hattie rides the zebra

Cuddles with Hattie.  Both boys love to cuddle with her but she doesn't always love them all over her.

Look at that tummy!
Owen doing his yoga pose!
Hattie wearing a baby bib playing Dr. in the pantry
Driving cars is fun, especially when she can make a really cool car sound!
Hattie loves to pull or drag her wagon around the house

On Daddy's shoulders

After School Fun and New Shoes

This was from one of the first days of school.  The boys had just gotten their new shoes in the mail and we were playing outside after school/work.

Chase and his new shoes
New shoes!
Owen says "bye!"

Wacky hair day at school

I think it was also PJ Day.  Owen was not too happy!

Hattie at the park with daycare friends.

Hattie loves to drive the car
All the kiddos!

Fun on the Farm

We visited my parents over MEA break and had such a lovely time!  The weather was nice and we played outside and explored the farm.  The boys fell in love with two kittens named Cutie and Zap.  They looked very much alike and itw as hard to tell them apart!  The boys woke up each morning and went looking for them.  They carried them around and snuggled them all day!
Chase and Cutie

Owen and Zap

Chase looking at Cutie

Hattie had so much fun exploring the farm. She wanted to do what ever we were all doing and plopped herself down right in the middle of flower patches.

Owen loving up the kittens

So cute!
Zap and Owen.
Cutie and Chase
Playing in the leaf pile. The poor kittens got tossed around a little in this pile!

Nanny threw some leaves on the pile and the boys loved it!

Looking at flower petals

Hattie playing in the leaves

Hattie sees something and is pointing it out!
Chase up on the stump

On the way down we stopped at the biggest candy store and the boys got huge gummy snakes!

All 3 kids in the leaf pile

Hattie in the garden in the flowers

We had some fun on the hay bales in the afternoon

The big event was the AHHS football game!  The boys were happy to get their own popcorn!

They were so tired!  Chase's head kept falling forward on the trip home so I had to tie my coat around his head to keep it back.
Owen doesn't look too comfy!