Friday, August 22, 2014

Just cute!

Run Away Girl

Playing with her fan.
There she goes!

Playing on her catey

Heading to the door
She made it to the stairs! Looks at the sneaky smile!

Big Walker



I think sweet little Hattie changes daily!  She is not officially a "walker" which happened on the 19th.  She is so good at getting around and can turn and everything.

Each day is a wonder to watch her.  Today she was outside with me pushing her trike.  She stopped, squatted down (which is sooo cute) and just opened and closed the back container on the bike. She looked at me with wonder and her little pursed lips. She then heard an airplane, which she loves, and pointed and made her cute little noises.

 Little Girl, Big boy!
My sweet big girl

She sees birds all the time and giggles at them.  If I yell for Chase and Owen she yells too.  She yells if she wants you (no words yet) and follows you around.  She loves bubbles and playing with anything Chase and Owen have.

She likes to put her animals in and out of her barn and push cars and make a car sound the entire time she pushes it.

Yesterday she blew on her food for the first time and was quite proud.  She doesn't like her food cut into small pieces, she wants it whole like everyone else!

She loves to sleep with her blankey in her mouth and still puts her bottom up in the air.

Yesterday she started making this little "O" shape with her mouth which is so sweet.

As summer comes to a close and I go back to work on Monday I will miss the cuddles at nap time and after nap time as she pats my back and snuggles into my shoulder.  I will miss holding her hand as she walks around and directs me.  But I am so grateful for all the time I have had in watching her grow into a big little girl!  I love my Hattie so much!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hattie's Cute Little Steps


1st sweet corn

Hattie loved her first sweet corn! She has so many teeth that it was easy for her to take a bite and it was so loud.  Jeff and I just laughed at it!

"I'll Get Hattie"

 Chase and Owen like to get Hattie from her nap.  This involves getting in her crib, cuddling and playing. I love it! It is so sweet to see them with her and she loves it!  Here is Chase.  All the pictures were too cute to not post.
 Saying "HI" and yelling

So Big & High Five

Thursday, August 14, 2014


We've had so many little toads this year.  I found one in the garden and there have been several near the porch.  The boys have had fun with them!
 Owen has his little toad

Play Time

 Hattie gets to drive the van! :)

 Playing on the porch in the little house is lots of fun for Hattie

 Playtime in the dirt
 Hattie loves her new bike
 Fun times on the porch in our leggings to protect little knees when crawling

 Chase and Owen play in the driveway with their legos

 Hattie likes to sit in the basket
 Owen helps Hattie walk
 Pictures taken by Chase
Not sure what happened but it was sad
 Chase pushes Hattie
 early morning play time in the kitchen
fun times in the sink with friend Grant 

Sunshine Girl

 Big smiles on my chubby cheeked baby