Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baby to Little Girl

Hattie has changed so much in the past month, I think it's the most she's changed since being born.

She is  . . .
-cleaning things with a real or pretend wash cloth
-finds shoes and wants to put them on-anyone's shoes.  She lifts her leg and tries to put the shoe on or wants me to help.
-She knows what a hat is and tries to put it on her head-that goes for sunglasses too. ;)
-feeds her babies and holds them
-holds and cuddles her stuffed animals
-loves her blankeys and bites them and carries them around in her mouth
-talking and pointing at things nonstop, wanting to see them or know what it is
-knows so many words receptively!  I can't believe what she knows.  Hand me your snack and she does it!
-Took the whisk out of my hand and started to stir the pot I was cooking at!
-drooling nonstop.  Her poor molars and cuspids are coming in. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chase and Owen at 6

My little babies are turning into big dudes.  Boy are they amazing at 6!

Chase and Owen are very into playing with others and want to have a friend over all the time. They are lucky to have many neighbors that are their age and they play with them a lot.

Best buddies.  Chase and Owen are still best of friends.  They fight 0-1 times a day and get frustrated like everyone does.  They are very giving to each other, often sharing their most prized possessions with each other.  They protect each other.  They love each other.  They want to be the same thing when they grow up.  They don't refer to "I", only "we".  When told they could be different things when they grew up there was a pause, then Owen said, "No, we want to be together."  "Yeah," said Chase.  And they want to live with us. :)

Their speech has come a long way.  They are still working on the frontal lisp on /s and z/.  /l/ and /l/ blends, "th" at times and /r/.  Not bad for kids who were not really talking and couldn't be understood.  Their language is progressing as well.  I'm hearing some "we" instead of "us" and "our" instead of "us's".  They still lack some linking verbs, pronouns and verb tenses, but so do a lot of 6 year olds.  Oh, and they don't always ask a question correctly which drives me crazy.  "I can go outside?" Ug.

Chase and Owen are very fast runners and Chase has amazing form.  They like to play soccer and tball. Swimming is also a favorite. They have gotten really really good at swimming and could almost almost go off the board independently.

Chase loves physical touch and really seeks it out.  Owen likes to cuddle but doesn't need to be constantly touching me.  Owen likes words of affirmation.

Owen tends to be "moody" if tired and hungry.  He really needs a good night's sleep and to be fed well.  Chase is pretty even keeled but has his moments if over tired.

They both still love their blankeys and suck their thumbs when around the blanekys.  They even threw away "the bad taste" polish I had. Stinkers.

Overall they use nice language. They do like potty talk, but I don't hear a lot of name calling, which is nice.

They love love love their sister to death!  I mean, LOVE.  I constantly hear how cute she is, them talking with her, playing with her, hugging her, making her laugh, etc.  It's really beautiful.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

First Steps

Hattie stood up by herself at Chase and Owen's last swimming lesson on July 10th!  She was crawling and had her bottom in the air.  I watched and she slowly stood right up and the boys saw it too!  So cute.

She took her first steps the following day on the 11th!  She and I were sitting outside. I was holding on to her hands and she was standing holding a big blaneky.  She saw a puppy, got distracted, let go and walked about 3 steps before realizing what she was doing.  It was so amazing!  Then I had her inside the house and she did it again! 

When the boys heard they were so mad they missed it. When Jeff got home we set up a situation in which we thought she would walk.  Sure enough, she took about 5 steps! The house exploded with cheers and laughter!  Hattie was a little startled at all the noise as the boys, Jeff an I screamed and yelled.  :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hattie at 1

At 1 year old Hattie is a sweet sweet baby.  I'm amazed at how much she seems to have changed over night from a baby to a 1 year old.  Hattie loves to give hugs and pat my back.  When asked for a kiss she leans in open mouth and plants a very wet kiss on my face.  Hattie wants to do some things on her own without help.  Other times she won't let me put her down she just wants to be held and be with me.

Hattie is feeding her babies and giving them rides.  She puts shoes on (mine) and wipes up her messes.  :)  She understands the function of items and is trying to use them as such.  She likes her babies, stuffed animals, blankies, tea pot, wagon to ride in and her brothers Pokemon cards.

Hattie goes to bed around 7:30.  We go upstairs change diaper and put on her jammies. She usually protests the diaper.  When her jammies are on I give her her blankey and she smiles and kicks and leans toward the chair.  She nurses and falls asleep shortly after that.  She usually gets up once a night still . . . Hattie naps around 9:00 am for 1.5-2 hours and takes an afternoon nap for about an hour.

Hattie is a good eater overall.  She loves bananas, cheese, and unfortunately-dessert.  It's much harder this time around to keep sweets away given her older siblings are eating them.  She likes to eat cereal with Daddy in the morning.  She nurses in the morning and 1-2 times throughout the day.

Hattie is sweet, calm, easy going and very happy.  She is starting to show signs of frustration when she doesn't get her way or is not understood.  One day she didn't want anything I was trying to do with her.  She didn't even want to be held.  I had to put her down right there on the garage floor and she put her head on the floor, screamed and cried a little and then was done.  Hattie is a Mommy's girl FOR SURE! She prefers me to anyone, which is fun! :)  She has some stranger anxiety and doesn't like to go to the nursery at church anymore. 

Hattie will for sure let you know when she doesn't want or like something. She pushes it away or "yells".  I think she said "baba" for bottle, I think she says, "dada" for Daddy and she may say "all done".  She signs "all done".  She giggles all the time on inhilation, makes machine gun noises when really excited, purrs, says baba, nana, mama, dada, gaga and variations of those.  She's pretty good at following directions.  She will give me a kiss when asked, which is slobbery and open mouth.

Funny Stuff:
She does "How Big is Hattie?", dances to music, loves to try on shoes, feed her babies, wipe the table, color with markers,

Mommy, blankey, Beary, Puppy, Chase, Owen, Daddy, cheese, baths, shoes, walking and climbing up stairs.

having her diaper changed, putting jammies on, not being able to walk up and down the stairs 100 times, Chase getting too close to her face, being hungry

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hattie Purrs

Along with Hattie's grunting and machine gun sound she has started "purring".  It also sounds like a car motor.  She does it a lot and it's so funny!


The week after school was out we had a very busy week!  The boys had VBS at their old preschool church and then VBS at night at our church, where I was their leader. It was a hectic week for all, but so much fun.  Morning VBS's theme was Spy Academy and Owen took it very seriously.  He wanted to dress like a spy the second day (which I guess they were supposed to do).  Did you know spies need sunglasses, a necklace, watch, black clothing, a hat, walkie talkie and boots?  He looked so cute!

The night theme was Weird Animals.  I was the boys Crew Leader (group leader) and we had 4 boys and 4 girls ( a big group of 5 year olds).  I had a friend Becky working with us and her daughter was in our group too.  It's a very high energy 2.5 hours and we had some challenging kids this year.  Overall it was wonderful.  The boys had a cookie/lemon-aid/Pokemon stand to raise money for this year's fundraiser,  bunk beds for families in Guatemala.

After having a VBS in the morning and again at night the boys AND I were very tired.  We spent the time after the morning VBS at home and being very low key.  We ate at church every night and Jeff picked up Hattie.  The boys and I went in and sang, played games, had snack, made crafts and listened to a great bible story and sang some more.  What fun!

Chase and Owen's Birthday Dinner


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hattie's 1st Birthday Party

 Hattie's 1 year old seat

 Mommy and Hattie before the party

 Susie, Hattie and Papa Bob
 Susie, Hattie and Nana Bobette
 Nana and Papa Anderson with Hattie
 Proud Mommy and Daddy with their 1 year old sweetie
 Nana and Papa Berger with Hattie
 Hattie's babysitter Kelly and her daughter-Hattie's friend Hailey

 Hattie loved her balloons

 Hattie's friend, who has the same birthday, Kinley.

 Getting ready for cake and looking at her special balloons!

 When putting Hattie's hat on I was so careful but still snapped her a little bit and she cried.  Poor thing.  She was overwhelmed by all the people too.
 Hattie was excited to see her cake and try the frosting which she had tried earlier in the day.

 Daddy took some of the cake away and it made her upset, or embarrassed or something and she cried and cried and cried.
 Proud and Happy brothers with their precious sister who they "just can't believe is 1"!

 Hattie liked her cake and was pretty clean while eating it!
 Chase and Owen came and sat down right away and knew to sit back. It was so cute.  Pretty soon the kids started crowding though. :)
 Hattie got a big pink puppy from Bergers and she just loved it!  She hugged and kissed it right away.

 She got a bike from Bjorks
 and climbed right on!
 After everyone left we had time to play outside and relax.

 Chase blew some bubbles
 I tied back her dress so she could crawl easier
 Hattie loves to have petals in her mouth from my flowers.
 Love this one!! Off with the dress but the bow stays on!