Friday, May 30, 2014

Play time with Hattie the Crazy

Hattie and I had fun playing last weekend the 24th.  I took her clothes off and let her play in her diaper. She crawled all over, pulled up on everything and was just crazy!  Hattie can now say "mamama" so she does this alot.  Not sure it's to call me, but I like it none the less.
Here she comes to get me. She can't be away from me for too long!
Up on my legs.
Funny face!

She's pointing at something and wants to go over there.
Oh good, she found the moss in the tree.
Going for the window
almost up,
up!  She loves to look out the window and yell at people/dogs walking by.  The boys used to love this too.

Look at those pretty blues
SOOOOO Sweetsie
giggle baby
Look at all that hair!
Now for the stairs
Hey mom, I'm going up!

I want you Mommy

Hattie Swings (and Owen too)

On the same day the brothers and cousins took Hattie for a ride in the wagon she got to ride in her swing.  She really liked it but wanted to go slowly.

Chase pushes her

Both boys get in on the action

I get a turn! 

Owen has learned to pump his legs and he's really good at it!

Hattie and Sophie swing
It's not often I'm in a picture!

Hattie Hattie Hattie

I've taken so many pictures of Hattie this month and am obviously behind on blogging.  Here are many of my favorites.
Little bear baby crawling with her jowls hanging low.
Eating spaghetti on Daddy's birthday
wearing her knee pads and digging for balls
loved to death by the brothers
First wagon ride-she loved it!
All the cousins had to get in on helping Hattie ride in the wagon.  I knew she was well taken care of!
My girl!
Look at that little pouty lip and hair sticking out on the side.
Lots of love as the boys try to get her to sit and not crawl away

All smiles at breakfast. Hattie is such a happy girl.

Love those cheeks!!

She got herself into this position and didn't know how to get down.  Hattie is pulling up on everything-doors, windows, walls, etc. 

She got the prized object!
This photo is sooooo Hattie. She makes this face, with her lip tucked in, all teh time!
Big cheeks
I can't even say how much I love this picture!! It is soooo sweet.  Those big cheeks smiling away are just delicious!

Hattie has started to climb the stairs.  It happened overnight.  She can climb all the way to the top and loves it! She will disappear while I'm working in the kitche and I will hear her "yell" for me.  I'll come to the stairs and she will be standing there, on the second stair, waiting for me to come follow her.