Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Milestone-Bike Riding

On April 21st a big event took place at our house! Chase AND Owen learned to ride their bikes without training wheels, and they haven't looked back since!

It was all very innocent. I heard the front door open and shut and Owen yelled, Chase is riding his bike without training wheels. I was cooking dinner, stopped, ran to the door and there was Jeff getting Chase ready to ride his bike WITHOUT training wheels!  I yelled, "Why didn't you tell me! STOP!" and ran inside and got the camera, video camera and my phone.  (You can never have too much technology). 

From what Jeff told me, he saw Chase riding down the driveway on his balance bike without using his legs.  This prompted Jeff to take the training wheels off his bike.  He helped Chase and he took off!  Jeff said Owen was behind him, arms in the air, yelling, “You did it Chase!!”  This brought tears to my eyes.  There was no jealousy only pure joy for his brother.

When I came out he was starting his second pass.  I got to see him take off and ride. Ride. Ride. Ride. What joy spread across his face-a smile so big, with concentration in his brow.  It’s one of those moments as a parent that you are so proud and excited you could just burst. It’s also one of those moments where you realize your baby is not a baby any more. 

We went inside to have dinner and Owen was having a tough time because he wanted to try, but was nervous and we needed to have dinner.  Jeff told him after dinner he would try.  Jeff later told me that he knew he had to get Owen up and riding.  That if he couldn’t it would make Owen feel so terrible.
After dinner we all headed out.  Hattie was our cheerleader. She sat in her stroller, all bundled up, at the end of the driveway watching us make passes back and forth.  The wheels came off of Owen’s bike, he expressed some fear and nervousness, Jeff stood behind and they were off.  Wouldn’t you know, Owen RODE!  He rode the bike without training wheels!  Another proud/amazed/wonderful moment with cheering and joy.  Owen’s a little less visual with his joy-but it was there.  It was there in the facial expression that we know so well, the one where he is trying to hide his excitement.  It was there in the furrowed brow with determination and satisfaction.

Oh my heart sang.  My little boys, on the same day, in less than minutes, learned how to ride their bikes.  Amazing.  So thankful.  My boys.
A very proud Owen

Here are pictures of Chase riding all by himself!!

Look at that smile!! He's looking at me and is so proud.

Look up Chase!

2 big boys!!!
Chase and his bike-so proud
Two boys and a proud Daddy
Here comes Owen!

Look at that look of determination!

I just love the following pictures which show the progression of Jeff helping Owen ride his bike.  He's such a brave boy!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Hunt At Our House

 Owen looks for eggs
 Daddy and Hattie
 Owen finds an egg
 Chase finds an egg too!

 Hattie got a swim suit, books and an outfit, along with a rubber ducky
 Sweet Hattie

 Owen finds his Easter basket

 Owen's new Skylander
 Chase's new Skylander


Easter Egg Hunt

Palm Sunday's Singing Performance

This is practice and Owen walks in with his big palm brance
Chase sings so nicely!
This is the best shot I could get of Owen, who is behind the mic pole

Owen peering out on the first row, far end
Owen waving

Hattie and Jeff
Proud Mommy and her boys after the morning service

A better shot that was taken during the first practice of the day.  LOVE this shot.  Look at those little guys dead center singing their hearts out.