Thursday, February 27, 2014

Little Miss 8 Months

Hattie turned 8 months old last week on Thursday the 20th.  I just can’t believe she is closer and closer to being 1.  I was in Target looking at the baby clothes and realized the next size I would buy was 12 months.  I teared up and got very emotional as I realized my baby isn’t a little tiny baby anymore, wearing those cute 0-3 months clothes. 

She was way more interested in picking on the fluff rather than looking at me.
Eating-Hattie is finally eating solids, pretty well.  She likes them warmed up, they can’t be right out of the fridge or even room temp.  She opens her little mouth just a bit and chews even the runny baby food. She likes to have her own spoon and likes to take the one I use to feed herself.  She loves to feed herself finger foods. We’ve done blueberries, avocado, little bits of meat and banana.  She’s very good with her pincer grasp.  Hattie is still nursing and takes a bottle very well (finally).  She eats 4-7 oz during the day and nurses at 5 and 7 before she goes to bed.
Sleeping-Hattie takes a long morning nap, usually 2-3 hours.  She takes a short afternoon nap, 45-1 hour.  This makes her pretty tired by the time 7:00 rolls around.  She doesn’t get fussy but doesn’t want to be put down.  She goes to bed right after her bottle/nursing and usually gets up 1 time in the night still.  Ug. She wakes around 5:30-6. 
Got one sitting up shot, but no toothy grin.

Play-Hattie loves to be held, but if there is something she sees on the floor or in another area it is clear she wants down.  I think she believes she can move, or at least really really wants to.  She throws her body forward as I’m holding her, almost catapulting herself out of my arms.  That’s when I know it’s time to put her down.  She loves loves loves to roll around eating whatever toy she can get her hands on.  She loves paper and will do anything to get it.  She likes to bang items together and loves the sound.  She likes it when I bang things together and sing the "Bang Bang" song.  Hattie likes Itsy Bitsy spider too and knows when I will sing it.  She brings her hands to her mouth as to protect her neck, which she knows I'm going to tickle.  Hattie enjoys dancing with Mommy to music and likes when we all sing to her.  She likes all of her brothers' toys.

Social-Hattie is very social and wants to be with people.  She is always looking around for the boys if they are not in her sight. She wants to watch them and touch the things they are playing with. 
Communication-Hattie really likes to talk.  She has a yell, a growl, a dolphin sound, says "ga, da da,".  When she wants someone's attention she yells, "Ah".  She will do this when others are in a different room and she wants to see them.  "Ah", it's like, "Look at me," or "Come here."  I've started signing with her as well.

Motor-Hattie is not crawling yet, but she can pivot herself with her legs and is starting to push backwards a bit. I’ve been helping her get up on her hands and knees and noticed yesterday that she almost did this herself.  Her fine motor skills are very good. She can pick up a small piece of food with her thumb and pointer finger! I’m amazed she can do this. It’s difficult getting it to her mouth as she wants to move the food to her other hand or she drops it by the time she gets to her mouth. She’s very patient though and loves to feed herself.

Personality-Hattie is a very very good baby.  She rarely cries, so when she does actually cry it’s alarming and something is very wrong.  She is very easy going and just loves to be with Mommy.  Hattie is calm, more calm than the boys were and a little bit more “serious”.  She’s just taking in the world around her!  She loves to smile and giggle.

Fun Facts-she bends her hands at the wrist like she wants to take off into flight or like she’s waving goodbye.  She does this when she’s excited or whenever.  Hattie looks a lot like Owen did!  Hattie has 8 teeth! How can that be?!  4 on the bottom and 4 on the top.  During the week of Feb 3rd she got 5 of the 8.  4 on the top and 1 on the bottom.  She did super with it, but you could tell her little mouth was sore.

This is how she ended up being . . .
A bit of a smile while eating paper
pushing herself around the kitchen on her tummy was fun

a flying baby
Another try the next day . . . didn't work so well again.  Love her little pink sleeper.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

All Dressed Up

Isn't winter the best time for being silly? I don't even know when these pictures were taken, must have been during one of the days school was cancelled due to cold weather.  Chase and Owen were playing in the "fun bin" (junky toy bin is what I call it in my head-they call it the fun bin).  Then they were playign with Hattie's toys and posing. Oh my gosh-do I have hams or what?!
Chase shows off his modeling ability

Owen's lookin good

Playdate with friends.  They dressed up and played super hero.  Nolan, Chase, Cole and Owen.

One last shot of Owen wearing his jammies and my dish gloves.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cutest Bath in the Sink Ever

Jeff gave Hattie a bath in the kitchen sink a few weeks ago and it was so cute!  I was busy doing other things but was around to hear and watch a bit.  They both had so much fun!  I mean just look at these pictures!!  Hattie loved the sink and laughed and laughed.
Look at that little babe look at her Daddy! Brings tears to my eyes.

 Then when it was time to get out she got the biggest kick out of being lifted into the air. She kicked and laughed some more and had the biggest smile on her face!

All cozy and wrapped up with kisses from Daddy.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

10.5 Inches More

That's how much snow we got Thursday night- 10.5 inches. Seriously?!!  This is on top of the 6.5 we got Sunday night.  When will it end.  Not only did we get 10.5 inches of snow, it was on top of icy slush and then there was wild wind along with temps in the teens.  Lovely.  We didn't have school Friday, which was wonderful given I had conferences this week and was exhausted.  It was just great having a day at home with my babes.  We are, however, so tired of this winter. We thought last winter was bad (which it was-may I remind you of the snow we had in MAY!).

We've played outside, made cookies, made art, played in forts, brought out the stuffed animals, made zoos, watched movies, had snacks, gone to parties, done magic tricks, trained for the Olympics by bobsledding down the deck stairs, sang, "Let it Go" and cuddled and read books.

Playing in our jammies.  Love it that Hattie is pulling Owen's hair.  Poor guy
Owen was pushing up like Hattie does

Hattie trying to get the piggie

Owen fixing a transformer
3 months old!
Playing at 8:30 am in the snow on Saturday morning

Look at all that snow!

USA 2 Man Bobsled team 2026
 Owen going down the deck stairs
 Chase going down the deck stairs

Thursday, February 20, 2014

100 Days of School

Tuesday was Chase and Owen's 100th day of Kindergarten.  They got to dress like old men who were 100.  Notice their wrinkles, old man look, mustaches, big bellies and belts.  They had fun pretending and dressing up!

It was Chase's idea to have big tummies. They put their stuffed animals into their shirts.

Pretty cute old men!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A First Bottle

Owen attempted to give Hattie a bottle one day in January. It was harder than he thought because she's pretty heavy to hold up!  Pretty cute though.

2 Boys and Their Sleds

One of the best parts of this winter has been the snow and the sledding. Chase and Owen absolutely LOVE to sled.  Daycare has a great sledding hill and most days (except the past 20 ish when it was -0) when I get to daycare they are out with their friends sliding down the hill.  They've done it so many times that the hill has turned to ice and they don't need sleds anymore.  Last week an unfortunate event happened and Owen's face bore the brunt of a sled that was out of control.  Poor guy got a little sled burn on his face.  He was brave about it, though.

Chase is ready to go down the hill!
So long Owen!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Snow!

We finally got over the cold and now we have more snow!  We got a couple inches of snow on Saturday and about 6-7 inches more on Monday.  I can't believe how much we have.  I came home and found our garbage can buried and we were unable to drive into the driveway. Chase and Owen thought it was great of course, but I did hear them comment today on how they didn't want to go outside because walking in the snow was too hard because of how deep it was.

I remember seeing pictures of the good ol days from my childhood, where the snow was up to the windows of the house.  I feel like we are back in that time period.

Look at all that snow! Here come the boys!

And down goes Owen!
Chase is down too!
Owen is sliding down the hill

It's so white outside it's hard to tell how high the bank of snow is, butit's just at their shoulders.
You can see it comes midway up on my van.