Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hattie's First Christmas Church Service

We went to early Christmas Eve service on Sunday night.  It was really lovely and nice to be attend when we didn't have to rush there and rush home to get ready for Christmas.  Hattie wore her first Christmas dress and it was fun to dress her up.  The boys looked very handsome in their bow ties.  Owen stayed in church the entire time, Chase left after the music and I left shortly after that with Hattie. She was so overtired that she was just crazy!  She kept throwing her body backwards almost causing me to drop her.

Hattie's First Time Eating

Sweet little Hattie eating her first bite of food.
This shot makes me smile
Big girl

Hattie looking at Chase

Just a little messy!

Loving attention from Chase

Grandpa Bob's Gown

 Chase in the gown in late November 2008 (above)
Owen in the gown

Christmas Time at Kindergarten

Chase and Owen have been learning about many different holiday traditions at school.  They come home with new pictures, projects, hats, etc. each day.  My favorite has been the Rudolph hats they wore on Tuesday.  We walked in the back door, backpacks came off, hats off, coats off and I was told to "close my eyes."  I did and when I heard "open" I saw Owen standing there below me, looking up with his big beautiful innocent eyes wearing a huge Rudolph hat.  It was so precious I hope I never forget his face.  I just love having little ones, they make me smile daily and appreciate the small things.  That hat was just the best thing to him and he was so proud.

Here is a hat Chase made

Playing with Hattie in the Fort

An Early Night

Last Friday night Chase and Owen came home from daycare and were soooo tired.  They had been sledding, wanted new sleds and were crying about not getting new ones.  Chase went into the playroom around 6 pm, put his blankey on his head and fell asleep.  He woke up around 7:30 and went to bed around 8:15.
This is still Chase.  Owen fell asleep on the couch at 6:00 and he wanted to go right to bed when we woke him at 7.  We took him up and he slept until 9:30, when he woke thinking it was morning.  He had some dinner and went back to bed at 10:00.  They were tuckered out!

Hattie's Mad

Hattie doesn't get mad very often but when she does it looks something like this. 

Gingerbread Houses

Chase digs into his frosting
Owen carefully spreads his frosting on the house

Owen working
Chase spreading on his frosting and sneaking a bite below

Owen's cute house
proud brothers
Chase and his wonderful house

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oliver the Elf

Our Elf this year has been sneaky and a little naughty!

He hung undies on the stocking holders, threw toilet paper in the bathroom, made a snow angel in sugar, ate lots of M&Ms, thew snowballs at toys, held up the knights in the castle and rode Chase and Owen's cars around the house.  It's so much fun to see where he is each day.

Visiting Santa

We took our annual trip to the Mustard Seed to see Santa.  This year was special because it was Hattie's first time visiting him.  The boys were very excited to tell Santa they wanted Skylanders and Power Rangers.

Hattie sat on Santa's lap with no problem.  We couldn't even get her to look at Santa so who knows if she would have been scared.  We got lots of attention with the big bow she was wearing. :)
 Looking at the reindeer
 Chase and Owen with the donkeys
 My handsome sons and sweet little daughter with Santa.
 Chase, Owen and Hattie
 Santa insisted that Jeff and I hop into the sled and take a picture!

Cookie Decorating

Last weekend Chase, Owen and I had a fun time making and decorating Spritz cookies.  They were wonderful helpers, didn't get their fingers in the beaters and didn't eat too much dough!

They had a great time sprinkling the cookie and made some very delicious cookies.  We listened to Christmas music and had a great time together.
 Owen licks the beater
 Chase gets the spatula
 Baking with my buddies
 Owen and his cookies.  What a great job he's doing!
 Chase's cookies, looks good Chase!
 Owen's cookies.
 Chase carefully decorates.
 Owen carefully places his sprinkles.