Friday, November 29, 2013

A Teeth Picture

First tiny teeth

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cutie Patootie

Seriously, does it get any better than this?!!  Look at that face.  I know she's my own but I think she's just a doll! :)
New adorable outfit from G and G Anderson
Munching on a new ball
Little chub chub

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 Months Already!

Today Hattie turns 5 months old!  Yesterday was a big day because she had two bottom teeth break through! She has been such a good baby with hardly any fussiness because of the teeth.  For a couple months now she has been chewing on everything she can get her hands on-including her hands. She drools a lot too. 

 tipping over, but still up!
 The biggest smiles come when big brother Owen is around!

Hattie smiles a huge open mouth smile when she sees me and it warms my heart.  She wiggles her little body and flails her arms.  She does this with Jeff and Chase and Owen too.  She just loves the boys to talk to her and loves to watch them.  They can get the best laughs out of her with minimal effort.

Hattie is doing better with tummy time and actually likes it.  She reaches for toys and plays with them and moves around a little.  I've seen a few swimming movements, but she hasn't been up on her knees.

She likes to talk, making mostly back of the mouth noises, gurgles, squeeles and laughs. 

When she reaches for a toy both arms go straight out to the sides and then she bring them both in to the midline to reach the toy.  It's pretty cute. She likes toys that krinkle and make noise and ones she can put in her mouth.  She stops what she is doing when she hears a noise that interests her and turns her head to it very quickly. 

Hattie nurses at night and during the day has bottles.  She's been known to take as little as 1 oz during the day and as much as 15-18 oz.  She usually eats 2-3 times before going to bed at night and over the past week has been getting up just 1 time in the night to nurse.  She goes to bed pretty easily especially after eating.  At home she still naps in her swing because she loves it so much.  She typicaly naps 3 times on the weekend-after each awake period and can sleep for up to 2 hours.  At daycare it's a different story.  Sometimes she naps 1.5 hours at a time, other times only 20-30 minutes. 

She continues to grow and we love how chubby she is!  Her hair is getting longer and seems to be dark.  Right now her eyes are a lightish blue.  Her skin is so so soft, I wish it would never change.  She loves bath time, being held, being in her exersaucer and kisses.  She even gives Mommy kisses.

Oh Hattie, we love you so very much and wish you would stay little and sweet forever.  However, each stage is so much fun as is watching you grow.

All the Bows

We had a bow extravaganza a few weeks ago.  Who knew you could fit so many bows on one baby!

This and That

Hattie cheers on ISU by wearing her Cy onesie
Odorable outfit from Nana Sandy

Play time with her favorite hippo
Hands in her mouth, a favorite past time
Hattie got in the tub with Chase, Owen and their toys.  She liked all the water and the boys thought it was very fun!

Love this one of her laughing at me
Look at that sweet baby body

Hattie helps Daddy on the computer.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hattie's First Teeth!

She's not even 5 months old and Hattie has her first teeth!  I cant' believe it because the boys were 9 months when they got their teeth.

I was looking in her mouth Sunday night and saw two little lines on her bottom gums.  I thought they would be coming in soon.  She's been chewing and drooling more than ever. This morning when I felt in her mouth there they were, two little sharp edges!  My little girl is getting big.  I'm not ready for that!

I couldn't see the teeth because the moment I tried to pull her lip down she stuck out her tongue.  Chase and Owen had fun trying to look too, which only made Hattie smile and laugh, making it more difficult to see teeth.

Yeah Hattie!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cutie Pie

We had a beautiful November day and I was able to get outside and take some pictures with Hattie.  She enjoyed the sun and slight breeze.  She's growing up so fast and I just love her to pieces. I love each time I hold her and feel her just melt into me. I love to see her face light up when she sees me and she waves her arms. 

Big smiles!

She wasn't digging the hat so much, but I think it's adorable. I bought it way before she was born, loving the colors. I've waited so long for her to waer it!

Post pictures outside-just hanging out in the playgym in her favorite position.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kindergarten Thus Far

Kindergarten for the boys has been a phenomenal experience so far!  They love to go see their friends every day, love to ride the "Mouse and Sailboat" buses, love to take snack, love to bring home books from the library and love to show us their work. 

Reading-they are learning how! They know how to read and spell many sight words and are proud of themselves. They can sound out words and are very good at blending, stating the first and last sounds in words and the phonemic awareness aspect of reading.  I've always known they are good at that and it's wonderful to see them apply it.  When we read books they like to point out the words they know and say words that rhyme with them.  They are both in a high reading group at school.

Math-they have learned patterns, numbers, how to write numbers, etc.  They can count very well now and aren't getting stuck on 13,17,18, much any more.  They have learned simple addition and subtraction and like to practice.

Writing-this is probably the hardest for them, but they try their best.  At times they get frustrated when they don't know how to form a letter or number.  2 and 5 are very difficult, but they try their best.  I love to watch them sit at the big table and write and form each letter so carefully. 

Both boys are very careful in how they do their work.  They take it very seriously and do their best.  They have a monthly math packet we complete, weekly reading work and random other work that comes home. 

When I asked what their favorite part of the day was, do you know what they said?  You guessed it!  RECESS!  Seriously. 

Each day we practice writing letters, reading words, spelling words, phonemic awareness in the car to and from daycare.  It's fun for us to talk about letters, be goofy, etc. 

They are learning how to be independent.  Owen remembered the next day was library day and he packed up his book at home so he could return it.  They are learning to give their work to their teacher and to bring home work from the teacher.  Routines are being set and followed, which is terrific!

I'm so proud of Chase and Owen.  They really are showing great progress and learning.


These pictures of Hattie, taken last weekend, are some of my favorites!  She's 19 weeks old and her hair is finally starting to grow in to the point you can see it.  She's just a cutie!
Big smile for Mommy!
Sweet cuddles with Daddy

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Fall Helper

Chase used the pruners to go at our perennials.
A hard worker
A boy after

First Time in the Exersaucer and Johnny Jump Up

Hattie looks in wonder at all her toys!
Owen's showing Hattie the ropes

The next day she tries it out again.
Last Wednesday when we were home sick Chase helped me with the Johnny Jump Up.  He loved helping Hattie bounce and she loved looking at him.

Chase took this picture and the next one. A budding photographer?

 Nana stopped by a few days later and we showed her Hattie's stuff
 look at those most delicious legs!
Lovin being a big girl!