Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Owen with his leaves in the bug barn in the background.
I couldn't resist adding all of these.  They are too funny and each one is better than the one before.  We would take a picture and then all look at it and say, "Another!"  It kept getting better and better and we were laughing so hard.

Owen's so funny!

Look at those big brown round eyes!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Little Miss Hattie is 4 Months

Hattie was 4 months old yesterday and time is flying.  She's super smiley, loves loves loves her brothers and will follow their every move as much as possible, even if it means craning her neck around.  She also loves to follow Mommy around and I don't mind so much!  She delights us with her big cheeks as we kiss them and pinch them.  Hattie is very into touching and grabbing things and shoves them in her mouth.  She drools all over the place, is really good at holding her head up during tummy time and can sit unsupported for short periods of time.  Her hemangioma is still there, same size.  Her eyes are still very blue and if anything have lightened up.  Maybe she will have blue eyes like Jeff.  Chase, Owen and I voted for brown or hazel today.  When she wants to she can be very loud, making strange noises.  Hattie giggles and laughs now when tickled or she likes something you are doing (Jeff saying "poo poo" over and over).  She eats about every 3-3.5 hours. Sometimes more often at night.  On average she wakes 1 time a night ( boo).  She has slept through the night 5 times in her life.  She typically blows out of at least 1 outfit a day (sorry had to share, Hattie). She likes to be held upright and face out.  I can hold her up on my shoulder looking out, but she has to be able to see or she gets mad.  Hattie is very easy going and is very smiley.  She is an easy baby and we just LOVE her to pieces!

On Tuesday the 22nd we had her 4 month check up.  She's doing great and growing well.  She didn't like her shots at all and cried and cried.  I felt terrible.  Hattie weighed 16 lbs 4 oz (87%), was 25 inches (75%) and her head was 42.2 cm (90%).  
 Tonight we were all trying to get Hattie to smile, which ended up being too much for her, she just looked from person to person and it was hard to get a smile. 
 Finally a smile when we conned Chase and Owen into going upstairs. :)
 There she is!  This is what we get to see each time she looks at us and we smile.
 Proud brothers with new hair cuts.  They practiced holding her today and were so proud of themselves.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hattie's Dedication

Sweet Hattie in great grandpa Bob's baptismal gown
Daddy and Hattie

Our sweet angel
Our family before the service
Mommy and her girl

Nana and Papa Anderson with Hattie

On stage at church

Pastor asking us if we will teacher Hattie about God.

It's time to pray for Hattie!  Look at those cheeks!  Look how cute Owen is looking up at her.

Praying for Hattie-Chase is closing his eyes, sweet boy.

Praying for Kinley

Susie, Hattie, Kinley and Kelly after the service.
Papa and Nana Berger with Hattie
Berger Family
Anderson/Berger Family

Our family! Jeff, Owen, Susie, Hattie and Chase

Hattie at home in her cute little dedication dress, shoes, tights, etc.

Tummy time and a new hippo
There she goes-rolling over!
Look at those chubby legs kicking out
Interest in her hippo

I love this one.  Look at her hair sticking out on the sides.  It's just a little fuzz!

One last shot