Friday, September 27, 2013

Hattie's Room

I had soooo much fun decorating Hattie's room!  It is a work in progress, though.  We had most things up and ready when she was born, but I'm still waiting (4 months later) for her curtains to come in.  I had fun with some of the details of her room, the lamp, basket inserts, the letter "H", etc.  We need to put some frames up above the bed, too.  But, for now we have her changing area set up, her crib and just recently we got her name above her crib.  I love the many different pinks since it is my favorite color!

My friend Heidi made the pretty blanket on the chair.

Her butterfly chandelier


We love stickers at our house!  I found these and we had a lot of fun one afternoon in late August.  Won't they be so handsome with real mustaches someday?  :) 
Chase and Owen
Blade hands
Goof balls.  Not sure where the gold coins on Owen's face came from.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Watching the Sunset

One day in late August or early September Chase and Owen decided to "watch the beautiful sunset" on the deck.  They pulled out their chairs, put them at the top of the steps and were like two old men hanging out watching the sunset together. It was so funny. 
Chase and Owen have a snack of monkey bread and enjoy the sunset.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Auntie Kate Visits

My sister, Kate, flew into town for work and was able to spend a couple hours with us. She got to meet Hattie for the first time.  The boys were excited to see her since it had been a year!
Hattie and Auntie Kate



Monday, September 23, 2013

Mommy's First Day Back

Since I didn't get a good picture of the boys and I on their first day of school, I decided to take one of my first day back at school.  Owen, Chase and I pose before leaving for kindergarten and work.  I miss my boys during the day!  It was a rough morning because I was sad to leave my baby and my big boys.  I cried as I was putting Hattie in her car seat.  When I got to daycare it was ok, however. My daycare provider loves babies and that made me feel so much better.  The kids had a great day and I felt good about things.  I did race to pick them up, though!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

3 Month Old Hattie

Finally a smile!
When Hattie fusses you know she is either hungry or tired, and it's usually the later.  She really loves her swing and the minute she is in it she calms and is relaxed.  She likes to watch the animals spin around above of her.  She can sleep for a couple hours in the swing!

Hattie eats up to 5 oz of milk from a bottle and eats every 2.5-3 hours. 

On her 8 week birthday she slept through the night!! She slept from 10:30-6:15 when I woke her up.  It was a great gift!  Prior to that she was getting up one time a night (since about August 12th), typically around 4:30 in the morning.  This wasn't so bad until I started back to work and needed to get up at 5:30.

She is a looker, meaning she always wants to be looking around.  She likes to be held facing out or up on your shoulder so she can look.  She loves loves loves to look at people and interact.  She smiles and coos a lot.  She laughs and giggles for mommy quiet often.

Hattie has lots of blow outs lately.  It seems if she goes poop it's always a blow out.  :(  We sure love Hattie and love to watch her grow.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Catch Up From August

I tell you what, there is not a lot of time to blog!  Now that I'm back at work, there is even less time.  I finally uploaded all my iPhone pics on to the computer.  There were so many I just put them all in one post.  Here we go!
Hattie's favorite stretch move after eating or sleeping

My little girl
Her stretch move

Sweet Hattie in her outfit from Jeff's grandma

Owen and Chase showing off their SkyLanders, which they begged for and love!
Talking to Daddy
Sweet baby

I love this one with her legs tucked up under her like a little tiny baby
Love that cheek resting on my shoulder
Ruffle bottom

I love this shirt.  Owen asked me, "Why did you put a cotton ball on Hattie?"

My favorite little bee outfit
Owen helping Hattie put on a toy

Sibling love, I'm so blessed

Chase and the Hatster

Tummy time is hard work!

Making cookies with my boys early one morning.
In her favorite swing
After Chase and Owen got their backpacks they wanted to play school.  I was the "cheacher" (teacher) and they did worksheet after worksheet after worksheet.  They worked so hard and had so much fun. They were very proud of their work.
Chase working hard

Hattie again.  She doesn't mind tummy time but makes lots and lots of grunts and noises.  She's pretty good at holding her head up and being a big girl.