Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Jump off the Board, by Chase and Owen

 Takes a little bend in the knees . . .
 leans forward . . .
 and falls into the water . . .
 Yeah Owen!

 Jumping off the board is easy peasy, says Chase! 

Awesome job Chase!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hattie Talks and Yawns

I wanted to capture Hattie talking, which she does a lot, but she was so interested in the camera she would stare at it and not talk.  I did get a couple sounds and a yawn. :)  She's so sweet.  When she's interested in something and concentrating she purses her lips together and looks just like the boys did when they would concentrate.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Wow, it's been a HOT week.  The temps have been in the upper 90s with a heat index in the 100s.  We've had such beautiful weather all summer that this feels very strange.  Last night we got outside and ran through the sprinklers.  Hattie liked the warm humid weather.
 The beautiful bee on our flowers out front.
 "Helping" Daddy fix the sprinklers
 Hattie enjoys the heat
 Owen is HOT
 Chase rides through the sprinklers

 Owen rides through the sprinklers


Owen (in front) and Chase get a ride to the deep end.
My boys swimming UNDER the water!!! A major feat accomplished!
I love this photo. They are doing the super man float with a kick and are taking a deep breath!
Chase kicks across the pool
Hattie and Nana
Owen floating all by himself! So proud of him
Chase floating all by himself-What a big boy!
Owen learning to float on his back.
Chase floating on his back too
Chase floating again
Hattie with Papa
Go Owen Go!
Way to go Chase! He was not at all afraid to jump off the board this year.  He wanted to do it again and again!

I'm so proud of my boys and all they accomplished and the fears they conquered.  I knew they could do it and with a little practice it happened. I just felt so happy and proud to see them swim under the water by themselves and go off the board with no fear.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Same Birthday Friend

Kelly and I on June 11th.
Hattie and Kinley meeting for the first time on June 26th.  
Mamas and babies at T-ball.

National Night Out

Owen, our new neighbor, Owen and Chase
Owen loved sitting in the passenger seat!

What a big hat you have Chase!
These pictures just crack me up! I love their little faces in the huge hats.  They were trying to walk around in them and were falling all over the place trying to stand up.

Chase had fun being strapped into the seat