Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 Look at that sweet face.

 My little butterball
 Cashed out
I think this picture looks so much like my baby pictures, it's crazy!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Bath and a Bottle

 Hattie loves bath time.  She calms and looks out the window and is so peaceful.  I love the time talking to her and looking at her cute little chubby body.
We got this towel from a friend and it's just too cute on Hattie!

Hattie had her first bottle when she was about 2 weeks old.  She took it very easily and gulped down the milk.

When I'm a Daddy

Boys talk about "when I'm a daddy", but when we ask who they will marry they start crying saying they don't want to get married but want to live with mommy and daddy forever.  A daddy must mean a grown man to them.   

Sunday, July 21, 2013

One Month Old!

Yesterday at 2:39 a.m., which I'm pretty sure I was awake at, our little darling was born just 4 weeks ago.  To be honest, I can't believe it's been 4 weeks, however it also feels like we've had her forever.  She has been such a good baby and has made the transition so easy for us.  People ask if having one baby is easier and I can honestly say, "YES!"  Is having a baby "easy"? No, of course not, but having only one to feed, burp, diaper and put to bed is a world of difference.  Plus, we have had babies before.  We are not as anxious and worried about the things we were before.

 Little Hattie, 1 month old!  It's hard to get a one month old to sit up!
 Hattie with her cute hippo

Hattie is loosing the hair on the top of her head.  I just noticed this yesterday and at first I thought I had to be wrong.  I looked back at her newborn pictures and sure enough she had a full head of hair.

She had a rough night Wednesday night.  She didn't seem like she could get comfortable and was just so awake.  I would get her to sleep and put her in her crib and she would wake right up and do her grunting, heavy breathing thing.  From 12:45-2:45 I was up and then every 1.5-2 hours she had me up too.  Prior to last night she had done great and was up every 2.5-3.5 hours!  I'm hoping last night was just a fluke. :)

Hattie is a little fussy around 8:00, which just happens to be the boys' bedtime.  She's doing pretty well overall, but when she's gassy she has a hard time.  The boys do great and even though they don't get as much cuddle time as before she was born, they are still happy.

Yesterday Jeff and I both think we got a smile out of Hattie, at different times.  She loves to look into your eyes as you talk to her and is very much comforted by my voice and when I hold her.  I love to feel her body relax as I hold her and comfort her.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Catching up with Hattie

Time moves so quickly with a newborn baby and Hattie is already 3 weeks and 2 days old (when I wrote this on the 13th). She is still as sweet as can be and had her first fussy period last night where she needed to be held and bounced.

Hattie is sleeping between 3 and 3.75 hours at night.  During the day she eats every 2.5-3 hours and remains very sweet.  She is a little fussy at night but nothing that we can't handle.  She's waking up more and more each day and loves to gaze into people's eyes.  She loves to be talked to and really enjoys her baths.  She's getting bigger by the day too!  Some of her 0-3 month clothes won't be fitting for long.  

Snuggle time with Daddy.  Look at all that hair in the back of her head!  June 23, 3 days old
Hi Daddy.  6-23
Chase holding Hattie when she is 3 days old
3 days old

June 24th, look at that cute little outfit and girl!

June 24th with brother Owen.  He loves her!
Owen and Hattie
Chase, Owen and Hattie.
Chase and Hattie, June 24th, Hattie is 4 days old. 
June 25th, Hattie is 5 days old and loves to snuggle on Mommy's shoulder just like this.
Hattie's first bath at home, 5 days old
A bath with her brothers and Daddy
Mommy and snuggly Hattie post bath
Sweet baby girl
Hattie's first time in her seat, June 25th
So sweet.  She always loves to have her hands up by her face.
Hattie's umbilical cord is still on on June 25th.  Look at all her dark fuzzy hair!
Chubby little girl loves her feet up, probably how she was in my tummy.  June 26th
Big baby yawn
A little smile
My beautiful peonies and beautiful Hattie
6 days old, she's filling out more
Some tummy time outside on the patio
Daddy cuddles
June 28th, Hattie is 8 days old and the boys are loving holding her
Hattie was born with a lot of hair on the back of her head, especially near the bottom
Nana talks to Hattie

June 29th, Hattie pulls her legs up, I just love that pose-hands by her face and some of her umbilical fell off

June 29th, my sweet girl can hold her head up!
My pretty girl
Look at those tiny tiny feet!
Tiny hands
Mommy and Hattie's hands
Hattie in her cute outfit from Nana Bobette and Papa Bob
6/30, more cuddle time with my 10 day old girl
July 2nd.  Hattie "playing" with help from her brothers
Owen was so intent upon getting the shakers on her wrists.

July 3rd, my sweet little strawberry
Look at that adorable cheek hang down!