Friday, May 31, 2013

Funny Stuff

Last week I gave Chase and Owen a small cookie in their lunch at school. I said, “I gave you a cookie, what does that mean?” Owen thought for a minute and said, “EAT BROCCOLI!” He was right!
Also, this morning Owen was wearing his backpack around the house for quite awhile. I saw him carrying Chase’s backpack out to the car for him and thanked Owen. He looked at me like I was nuts. He checked the name and looked confused. I said, “Your backpack is on your back, remember?” He looked behind him and saw it and started laughing. He didn’t even know!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Papa Bob!

Your favorite goof balls.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Wonderful Mother's Day

Flowers from Chase
Flowers from Owen
 It was incredibly cold and windy at 8:00 when we left for church.  This was the best picture we could get!
 After church with my little loves, Owen and Chase
A hand on Mommy's tummy and our little girl

Jeff's birthday

Chase had to sneak in too! :)
The morning of Jeff's birthday the boys gave him a present.
Because it's Cinco de Mayo and his birthday happened to fall on a Sunday we had a little "party".  The boys just love to decorate so I let them do their thing.  It was very fun!

Chase and Owen got in on the action, they love to blow out candles!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Funny and Gross

Funny:  The boys have been learning to play with their walkie talkies, which they love.  Jeff taught them to say "over" when they were done talking.  The other day we overheard them using code names, which we did NOT teach them.  Owen said, " It's Owen, Lightening," Chase responded, "It's Chase, Thunder".  Jeff and I laughed and laughed.  It was like they were using code names from the Cars movie. ;)

Gross:  On Mother's Day we were out to eat after church.  I asked Chase what he did in Sunday school and he began to talk about a girl and a shoe and licking and two times.  I didn't really understand what he was saying until he acted.  Before I could stop him, he had removed his shoe and licked the sole of it!  Grossssssssss!  Jeff, Sandy and I all screamed "NOOOOOO!"  which I think scared him cuz he got very solemn.  I then explained why we couldn't lick the bottom of our shoe (who knew that needed explaining).  I asked why he did it and got the typical answer.  "The other girl did it."  Later I asked Owen if he licked his shoe and he said, "No."  I asked why and he said, "Because I didn't want Mommy to get mad." At least he knew it wasn't the right thing to do.  Jeff and I kept looking at each other all day, reliving the moment, saying we couldn't believe Chase had done that. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Play Time

The picture below is like a pose you would see a body builder do, and I have no idea where he got this pose idea from.  :)  So so funny.
This led to play time, or beat up Daddy time.  Chase sits on Jeff's head.
A pile of boys
Chase tried on the little swim floatie outfit that surfaced during the garage sale I was preparing for.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The boys love to play construction, which may have something to do with all that Jeff has been doing in the basement.  They love to dress up and "fix" things around the house. 
Chase and Daddy fix the castle

Little cutie Chase

Jeff has been working on finishing our basement. This has been a great source of entertainment and questioning for the boys. This week Jeff and the boys took some time to pound nails. Then he let them (with his help, of course) cut some wood, which they LOVED. It was a little loud for them, but with the safety ear protection it was ok.
Owen takes a turn first
Hammer hammer

Oh the concentration!

Daddy helps and guides
Chase's turn!

Amazed at what he did

Swing that hammer!
Jeff's frame job
We moved on to power tools!  This made me a little nervous, but the boys listened well and Jeff was right there helping.
Look at that proud smile!

Owen shares with Chase
Chase is excited for his turn!

"You did it Chase!"
Cute enough for you?!

Little cutie Chase
The finished product and happy boys!

Owen laughing!
Chase and Mommy-it was loud!
Owen thought it was loud too!
More of Jeff's construction.  This is the fireplace area.