Friday, April 26, 2013

April 23rd!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

If you didn't know . . .

 . . .we are having a GIRL!  We actually found out February 17th, right before we left for Florida.  It was a fun day to watch her squirm on the ultrasound.  At my 12 week appointment I had an ultrasound and the technician predicted a girl based on new ways they have at determining the sex.  She asked if I wanted to know the sex and Jeff wasn't with me, so I asked her to put it in an envelope.  When I left my appointment I called Jeff and he said, "Well, open it!"  We had not really discussed if we would find out the gender so I asked if we could wait until we got home.  I had a feeling it was a girl because of how different I felt this time.  When Jeff got home we looked at the envelope with excitement.  Jeff opened it and a huge smile spread over his face and his eyes got big.  He said with awe and a little amazement, "It's a girl!"  I smiled and we hugged.  He said, "You're not surprised?"  I just felt like it was a girl and I wasn't surprised.  We were both very happy.  We would have been equally happy had it been a boy, too. 

Seeing her on February kick around, hide her face with her hands and to see all her body parts growing and typical was a blessing.  I got tears in my eyes when the tech announced it was a girl.  It was the first thing she saw! No head, no limbs, just the girl parts.  All the chambers of the heart, brain, kidneys were looking good. PRAISE GOD.

The boys were soooooo excited, as they had been wanting a girl.  I held 2 blocks behind my back, one blue, one pink.  I told them what each color meant and then showed the pink block.  They didn't get it. :)  When we said it was a girl they smiled and laughed.  They are so proud to be having a girl and love to tell everyone about their baby sister.

We are in full swing decorating the baby's room.  I've made a mobile, which I just adore.  I need to figure out the other aspects of the room now but at least I have the mobile, which is my inspiration.

We are excited to welcome our little girl around June 30th.  Hopefully sooner because I'm feeling big and ready to be done, already.  29 weeks this week . . . long way to go.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jesus, Eggs and Bunnies

Chase blows an egg out
Owen blows an egg
Receiving instructions
Chase eagerly awaits the hunt
My two lovies
Preparing to raid the eggs
A neighborhood friend.
Owen and Chase were off and I couldn't find them!  Chase went to the playground and found tons of eggs.
Owen went to the open field

Easter morning was lots of fun, but we made sure to remind the boys what the real reason of Easter is.  One of my traditions growing up was that the Easter bunny left a small gift at the foot of our bed.  Chase woke us up at 3:30 a.m. to tell us the Easter bunny had left him a present on his bed.  I didn't know if we'd get him to go back to bed, but he did!  When he got up at his normal time he made sure to go in and get Owen and tell him the Easter bunny had come.  Jeff went downstairs to see if the bunny had left and I crawled out of bed.  The hunt was on.  The boys remembered that they got little toys in eggs last year so that's what they were hoping for.  They didn't like the candy inside, which made Jeff and I laugh.  They found their big baskets with toys and were very very excited.

Chase finds some eggs
Owen tries to sneak by Chase
Finding their baskets

Chase, Owen and I before church

Owen claimed this was a smile.  :)

Clearly these pictures are out of order and I just don't want to deal with fixing it.
Owen's looking for more eggs in the snow
The Easter bunny brought eggs for all

Chase, Paige and Owen, all born within 6 weeks of each other.
Our family
Love this one
Owen and Chase had to look in their eggs right away, so they went to the picnic table and opened up their goodies!

April 11th and Snow

That's right! Most of you are in the same boat as us, so you understand.  When the boys saw the snow Owen cried (real tears) and Chase yelled, "Yeah"! 

The drive to work today was the worst of the year.  Thank goodness I don't have far to go and hopefully this will melt soon!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oh, the Things Kids Say!

Setting:  Dinner at a restaurant
Waitress to Chase:  I like your puppy hat!
Chase:  Thank you,  My mommy's having a baby!

Setting:  Basement with Chase, Owen and Jeff
Chase and Owen:  Daddy, don't see us.  We're super spies.
Jeff:  Ok.
Jeff:  (waiting a while) I hear something (playing along with the game), it must be Chase and Owen.
Chase and Owen:  Don't say our names!

Setting:  Breakfast with Chase and Owen
Owen:  Chase when you said that it hurt my feelings.
( I was so proud of him for stating what he felt and what hurt his feelings)
Chase:  No I didn't.  (nice job Chase)

Setting: Chase and Owen playing and Chase was copying Owen
Owen:  Chase, don't 'peat after me.
Chase:  It's not 'peat, it's repeat!

Setting:  Chase, Owen and Susie looking at photos of Susie pregnant with the twins
Owen:  Mommy, look at your chubby tummy!

I opened the bad tasting polish I use to keep the boys from sucking their thumbs.  Chase said, "I smell the stuff that tastes bad!"

Chase, what are you doing? "I'm picking my nose."  Why? "Cuz I want to wipe it on my underwear"

We were planning to visit my parents and for days before Owen would cry and cry because he wanted to go "now."  Then my parents got sick and we couldn't go.  I told this to the boys and Owen started crying again.  I asked why he was crying and through his sobs he said, "Cuz Nana and Papa are sick!"  Such a sweet boy.

We were talking about Easter a few days before it occurred.  I said, "Why did Jesus come?"  Chase said, "To save us from our sins." Oh precious!

Owen still says "yellew" for "yellow".

Boys still say "peanut biber" for "peanut butter" even though they can say butter just fine.

Owen says everything is a "good igudea" (a good idea)