Sunday, March 24, 2013



Chase and Owen had to pretend they were sleeping.  They actually wanted to sleep in there that night.  This was Owen's crib and he loved it so much.  They had fun playing and enjoying the crib again.
Chase peeks over teh edge of the crib and Owen has some transformers.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sledding Fun

Back in February we took advantage of a beautiful Sunday afternoon and went to the sledding hill in Chaska.  We had a BLAST!!! I was a bit concerned about going down the hill being pregnant, but C & O had so much fun going by themselves that I didn't have to go often.  We had a couple close calls where the trees got a little close to Chase.  The boys were taught how to roll off their sleds if they were heading toward danger.  We were outside on a beautifully warm day for about 2 hours.  The boys cried when we had to leave.  I'm not sure how much longer they would have stayed, but they had a blast!
My two tiny boys walking up the big big hill with their sleds.
Run Chase!
Chase keeps running!
Then he falls.
Owen is loving the snow and the sledding!  He was a maniac.  He wanted to go over the jumps and just loved it!
The boys got to ride together and were yelling and having a blast.

Here comes Owen
Owen got taken out a couple times by sledders. He liked to stay at the bottom of the hill and watch, however it wasn't easy for sledders to miss him.  He took a pretty good hit once, but thought it was fun!

Owen goes down all by himself.
Mommy and Chasey wait for our ride
Jeff gets Chase going.
Owen gets a push from Daddy so he can go over the jump.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Valentine's Day

I am way behind!  Valentine's Day was a lot of fun at our house. The boys and I stopped and got some streamers and had fun decorating the house before Daddy got home.

Owen's Valentine bucket from school with all the great Valentine's he got. 
Chase and Owen decorated their chairs with cards from Nana and Papa

We did some fun workbook activities

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cutie Pies

Chasey Boy

 Sweet little Chase, Oh, I just love him!

Getting pictures of Owen can be much more difficult because of his aversion to the flash.  Here is attempt 1 with my instructions to, "Smile normal".

There he is, my little Owen!

My sweetie pie, who I love dearly.


More Fun From Florida

I feel like I have this same picture from years before in FL.  Jim, Jeff and Sandy enjoy the sun!
The boys touch my tummy and their new sister.
Owen gets buried in the sand and loved it

Chase had a tumble in the water and got soaked.  He loved it!
My two beach babes.
Owen digs in the big sand pile
Chase "helps" bury Owen.  Owen grimaces with what's to come.

Jeff and I had the chance to go out two nights, which was marvelous.  We went to a Japanese steak house the first night and sat with an interesting family.  The second night we went to an amazing italian place, which I'd been wanting to go to for 5 years!  The wait is always terrible so it's hard to know if you will get in.  Carrabbas was worth the wait. We sat at the pasta bar, which was super fun.  Next to us was a 90 year old couple.  We always forget that we are the age minority when we go to Florida!  Our food was amazing and we had a great time talking about the baby and even downloaded an app for baby names. We went and saw "Silver Linings Playbook" after that and enjoyed the time together.
The boys had some fun terrorizing Jeff in the pool.  They had just a blast.

If you love Mommy scream!!!

The boys wanted a night swim, so Jeff braved the water and got in with them.  It lasted about 4 minutes, as it was just too cold for little bodies.
Owen needed a bad haircut fixed so it was Nana to the rescue.  Owen wasn't thrilled.
We got out the water guns and had some fun by the pool
Owen shoots his gun.

On Wednesday afternoon we went to Tin City and walked around and then went to the city docks to see if the fishermen had brought in their catch.  We didn't see any fish, but we did see huge pelicans!  We ate right on the water and had a great meal.  The boys had been asking for shrimp, so they got some in an ice boat!  Very cool. 

Chase and Mommy enjoy some shrimp
I believe this picture was Thursday morning after a walk.  Chase and Owen got in the pool by themselves right before this and had a blast.
Owen, Nana, Papa and Chase
Nana and Papa got Owen and Chase these great alligator hats.  They are soooo cute and funny!

We wrote a note to our preschool friends and sent it to them.  Chase and Owen really missed their friends.
Owen wrote his name in the sand!