Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby #3 and Random Pictures

Baby #3 is on his/her way!  The baby is due June 30th, my Mom's birthday and one day before the boys'.  We are so happy and excited to share this news with you.  I must apologize for very slim blogging this fall.  I was feeling terrible and the last thing I thought of doing was blogging.  There were very few pictures taken, even, which is rare for me. 

We found out on Saturday October 21st that we were expecting.  We just happened to be at a friend's house for a Halloween party and she asked if we were planning to have any other children and my face gave it away!  It turned bright red!  I was not at all sure that I was pregnant and Jeff and I had not really even discussed it.  We drove to Walgreens, I took the test at their house, called Jeff in and we both looked at each other in disbelief!  It was a wonderful moment and we know God orchestrated it all.  I had been praying for a baby for years and to have my prayer answered is such a blessing!

Now that I'm 18 weeks along, I'm feeling better and will hopefully be finding more time to blog.  Here are a few pictures from things I missed prior to Christmas.
Finding out we were having Baby #3!
Owen and Chase at their preschool Christmas party.  They got to decorate cookies and then eat them up!

Playing musical chairs
Chase gets ready to pin the nose on the snowman-I think he pinned it on the wrong man!

Owen's ready too!

Chase got his nose very very close to the actual snowman nose
Owen's so happy he did well!

Waiting with their classmates to go to a program
Owen all dressed up with who knows what!
Finding an item in the 11th day of December
Chase opens day 22

A little iPad action
"camping" in the play room
The Christmas tree with all the ornaments near the bottom
We had our good friends the Daughertys over and the kids had a blast.  Isaac and Chase are hiding from Abby and Owen.
Abby, Chase, Owen and Isaac
The boys were so hot they wet their hair-it got a little messy.  It was very cold that night so hopefully Isaac's head didn't freeze!
The 4 crazies!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


It's been a rough morning at our house!  If only you could see what's under them (or what's not really under them!) 
 Chase's owie
Owen's bandaid.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Day

I love Christmas Day!  I remember so fondly everything about Christmas Day at my house growing up.  I remember waking up early only to be told to go back to bed. I remember waiting at the top of the stairs with Katie while Dad or Mom went downstairs to see if Santa had been there.  I remember looking into our living room, seeing the stockings plum full and spilling over with goodies and knowing Santa had come!  I remember seeing presents under the tree and being so happy.  Most of all I remember the "feeling".  I remember a warm feeling, a loving feeling, a feeling our family provided and that's what I want to recreate for my family.

Christmas Day was beautiful.  The boys didn't wake up until 7:00, which is unheard of for them.  Jeff had been up for a few hours as he's an early riser.  I heard Chase yell for Jeff and they went downstairs.  Jeff showed Chase the plate of cookies Santa had eaten from and the note he left.  Chase hopped out of Jeff's arms and sprinted up to get his brother.  I was carrying Owen out of his room at this time and have never seen Chase's legs move so fast in my entire life.  He was laughing and yelling and smiling and before I knew it, Owen was out of my arms, his little legs moving at the speed of light!  Chase and Owen stared at the cookies, wondering why there was only a bite out of one, read the letter from Santa and then headed to look at the gifts.  They started passing out the gifts right away and started to open, those stinkers!  I reminded them to look at their stockings,they did and found a lot of fun items.

Owen finds an orange
Chase looks at something

Digging deep
Finding the last thing, socks!
Opening a big gift from Santa!
Chase was really sad because Owen had opened a transformer, Chase had yet to open his!

Opening Stuffies!
Chase and Owen with their new castle, which is a hit!

In their new jammies from Mommy.  I made matching jammie pants for all of us.  They were a little femine for Jeff, but it was the least femine of all the fabrics.
Playing with new toys!
Drinking hot chocolate from the mugs Oliver brought. Aren't they adorable!
Owen's so cute!
Chase enjoys a sip
Later that day we went to Jim and Sandy's for a wonderful late lunch.  The kids had fun playing and running around, once again.

My two cuties on Christmas Day
We had time for some cuddling on the couch

Chase loved his Stuffie.  They call them their "tuffy, tuff, tuffs".
Owen loves his Stuffie "Dash"

Our cute advent enveloped that were outside the boys' rooms.