Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Jeff's parents, brother, sister in law and cousins.  Jeff's parents flew into town from sunny and warm FL to be met by snow and cold.  They handled it very well-having grown up in northern MN.

Owen and Chase on Christmas Eve before Church

These brothers love each other!

Trying to get a good shot! :)
Our family, 2012

Christmas Eve Day we went to early church.  While singing "Joy to the World" with a full orchestra, band and choir, Owen fell asleep on Jeff's shoulder. Chase followed soon after while laying on my lap.  They were tuckered out before the fun even started!  Church was beautiful as usual, as we worshiped the Reason for the Christmas.  To us there is nothing more important that celebrating Jesus on Christmas, for what is Christmas without Jesus?  It was nice to be there with Jeff's entire family, as well.

After church we came home and had some wonderful appetizers, the kids terrorized the gifts under the tree and ran around. If only my Grandma Charlotte had been there to yell at them a bit for that.  This is our first Christmas without her and I miss her. I had several flashbacks to being a kid at Grandma's, as that was the most fun for us.

Sandy had prepared a wonderful meal for us, only to start feeling sick on the 23rd.  The same thing happened to her 2 years ago when they were in town for Christmas.  We had a wonderful meal of crab legs, a Berger tradition.  The children were so so patient during dinner and were very excited to open their gifts after we got done.  There were many Santa sightings prior to opening gifts and the kids spent some time looking out the window for him.

Silly kids!
Laughing at Chase

Gavin, Jim, Patrick, Owen, Jeff and Chase
Nana and Papa and kiddos

 Sandy, Sophie, Susie and Lindsay
The cousins all nice and cozy . . .
Something starts to go wrong and the group begins  . . . .
to tumble down . . . .

We attempt another picture and Gavin  . . . .
hits the floor . . . .
and the boys take Sophie down too !
Gift opening was crazy as each child opened 1 gift at a time.  Chase and Owen were always ready for their next gift before it was time.  Most of their gifts were identical, so they sometimes opened at the same time.  There were a couple times that they did not want to open the same gift.  Chase got a transformer and Owen got a shirt.  It was a little funny/sad to see Owen's face.  It was all that more joyous when the next round of presents was opened and he got a transformer too!
Owen's pile of gifts, does he look happy or what?
Chase and Daddy ready to open gifts
 Chase and Owen are excited to open their gifts from Sophie and Gavin
 Owen rips into a gift.
 Chase is excited about his new Star Wars airplane
Owen gets a star wars plane too!
It was so exciting watching Papa open his gift!
Chase tears into a gift.

Owen gets a cool gift!
Gavin is acting silly
New planes/dinos from Nana and Papa!
 Chase is pretty excited about getting Optimus Prime!
 Chase squats down to open a gift
 Owen carefully opens a present

Owen is pretty happy to see he also gets a transformer!

 Looking at his new Bumble Bee Transformer from Nana and Papa
 After Owen opened each gift he took it to the table where he had a special pile.  Smart boy!  None of his toys got lost of misplaced!

What a great night we had with our family.  Everyone left around 7:30 after some merunigue dessert and cookies.  The boys were sooooo tired and Chase actually asked to go to bed.  

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012


We were finally able to see Santa on Sunday December 16th.  Right when the boys saw Santa, they yelled "Hi Santa!" and waved to him.  It was so cute!  The boys were ready with their requests for Santa.  Chase wanted Arcee, Cliffjumper and Cheetah.  Owen wanted Arcee, Cliffjumper and another Autobot Ratchet.  They were happy to sit by Santa but didn't want to sit on his lap.  They smiled, gave high fives and were so happy. 
Owen (without socks-his choice), Chase and Santa

A little unsure of what to do, so they looked at Daddy
We told the boys it was ok to look at Santa, so they did and I love this photo of them peering up at him.
High fives from Santa!  It was a great visit!