Friday, July 27, 2012

A Train Ride

Chase and Owen have been obsessed with trains-specifically Thomas the Train for a couple years now.  They've been acquiring new trains for their birthday and other special events and have quite the fleet.  They just love their trains and love to watch Thomas and Friends on TV. 

There is a train in Excelsior that I've been wanting to ride for a couple years now.  Yesterday was the perfect day!  It wasn't too hot so we headed out after naps.  The boys were so excited to ride a train and squealed with glee when it started to go.  They had been asking if it would go fast, and I didn't think so.  When it started to go (slowly, I thought) they yelled, "It's going fast!"  Yipeeee. 

 Chase and Owen riding the train!
 We passed a group of teens walking to the beach and Chase yelled, "Beep beep!" and they waved and laughed.  The boys hung out the window (as far as I would let them) and smiled with pure delight and laughed.  The old men who ran the train were charming and eager to please the boys.  They let them step on the bell ringer and were so patient.  It was a great short ride that we loved!
 Chase looking out at things zooming by

 Owen watches the world go by.
 Chase-the train was built in the early 1900's I believe.
 Owen and Chase
 Mommy with her boys

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Morning at the Children's Museum

Chase letting his boat go down the dam
Chase on the rooftop
Owen on Curious George's rocket
On Curious George's rocket
Chase delivering mail
Owen on the rooftop
Owen wanted to connect all his boats to slide down the dam
Owen had so much fun delivering mail
Painting our faces

A couple weekends ago I took the boys to Home Depot for the kids' project day.  It was super fun and we made a really cool truck!  Chase and Owen helped pound the nails into the truck-Owen a bit more persistent with it than Chase.  Then they got to paint and wear their own little Home Depot aprons.  Very cute.
Chase carefully paints his new moving truck.
Owen works hard painting his truck

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 1st

Chase and Owen's actual birthday on July 1st was quiet and nice.  We enjoyed some popsicles on the portico.

 Not sure what is going on here . . . I guess a funny face in the making.


 Emma, Jacob, Owen, Chase, Callie and Luke

 Our kiddos getting ready for the show
 Chase and Owen at the show

 Dr. OwenSeuss
 Dr. ChaseSeuss
Dr. Seuss.  This was as close to him that the boys would get.  They really really wanted to meet him but were slightly afraid. 

Gardening and Cows on the Farm

Chase reaches down to pull the plant out.
Nana looks for some little potatoes and finds none.
Owen ventures over for a look and finds the first potato.

Owen digs and digs and digs!

Owen was so proud of his little potato that he dug up.

Running around the pea fence with Papa.
Chase heads over to help Nana again.
Papa picking peas.
Chase tries out the shovel and digs up some potatoes!
Chase and Papa
This potato plant was so big it took 3 people to pull it out!! Pull guys!
Chase has something to show for his hard work
The garden crew and their produce.
Lots of time was spent in the driveway playing with trucks and tractors in the dirt. The boys had a blast just playing in the gravel.
We ventured out to see the cows one night.  Earlier in the day we had gone to the creek to throw rocks and explore.  Again, we had a great time.  The boys ventured out into the water and saw the cows and threw sticks and were very much little boys.

Chase and the cows.  The boys kept wondering what we were going to do considering the cows had surrounded us.
That's my Chase!
Sweet Owen

Papa holds Chase

I just happened to capture this expression on Chase's face as a cow bellered!    Priceless.

What a beautiful sky