Monday, April 30, 2012

Story Telling at Dinner Time

Lately at dinner Chase and Owen have enjoyed it when Daddy tells them stories.  Sometimes, actually most of the time, they want a "spooky" story.  I love the way Chase looks at Jeff in these pictures-in anticipation of his next word and with such interest.  Owen was sitting by me and didn't get in on the picture taking action, but he was just as enthralled. 
I think he's actually coughing in this one.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sick Day

A couple weeks ago on Friday we had a sick day.  Chase had been up the entire night coughing non stop.  It was really hard to listen to and know I could do nothing to help.  Even though he did not have a fever and had not had the cough very long we stayed home and I took him to the Dr.  Turns out he had pneumonia!  Good thing I took him in, he was pretty sick.  
Prior to going to the Dr. we had a chance to try out our new umbrellas in the light rain.  We even took a little walk down the street, until it got too windy.
Walking around the flower bed.
Chasey still isn't feeling so great.
Owen's not so sure about things.
Chase is still not feeling the best.
Owen peers up

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our First Ever Soccer Practice!

Soccer on Wednesday was great!  The boys loved it and were sooooo cute!.  Jeff and I stood there and were just so amazed that we were already at our kids' first sports event!  They had great ball dribbling skills.  They got a little tired at the end-it was 45 minutes.  C and O are the youngest and smallest.  There is 1 other boy and 3 girls.  One girl wouldn't even go on the field so was so shy.  It's going to be very very funny.  There were hundreds of kids and hundreds of balls being dribbled all over the place. It's amazing the kids kept track of their balls!
 When we arrived at practice we had to search for our coach. We asked about 3 different guys in red hats if they were out coach before finding ours.  The uniforms were laid out for each player and we found Chase and Owen's with their names on the back!  So cute!   Chase and Owen wanted to put the uniforms on right away-over all their clothes.  Then we had to put on their shin guards under their huge socks, the looked very professional and they loved it!
 Two proud boys and a proud Daddy

 The coach got everyone in a circle.  They shared their name, how old they were, etc.  The boys did well, although Owen was shy and put his head down while talking.  The coach asked the next boy in line if he was ready to have fun and the boy said, yes and then Owen yelled, "Me too!"

 Chase takes off and dribbles around the field.
 Owen and Chase watch a teammate

 Chase was learning how to put his foot on the ball like the other kids in the group.
 Now all the boys try.
 Of course there was some silliness on the field by Owen
 Owen dribbles the ball toward the goal.
 Chase gets ready to kick.
 After making a goal of course you must go into the net to get the ball out!
 We had a little scrimmage and the boys were the blue jersies.  They stood there so cute!  We told them to block the goal so no balls could go in.  After saying that, all 3, a the same time, went and stood right in front of the goal.  All the parents laughed and laughed.

Team huddle at the end of practice.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little Boys Big Beds

Owen is such a cute little boy in his big bed!
He LOVES to read books at night to himself.  This night he was reading "Little Quack" to himself. I could hear him "reading" and then he was laughing hysterically.  I laughed outside his room until he heard me! :)  Every night Owen has to take one of the books we read that night into his room.  He looks at it and sleeps with it in his bed.  Owen loves to have all his "amals" in his bed in a "pile".
This is Chase all cuddled up in his room.  He sleeps in such a tight little ball.  He loves all his animals and many blankets in his bed, too.

Now he knows I'm taking pictures and he's trying to act like he's sleeping.  He must have his "pecial anmals" by him-giraffe, fish and frog, and of course 2 blankeys.  He doesn't like the covers on him most nights and now prefers to wear socks.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

 We had the annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt Saturday morning.  It rained while adults were hiding the eggs and it poured after the egg hung, but it was dry during! :)  They had the hunt at the new park in our neighborhood and boy were the kids excited.  After Owen picked up his first egg he began to run and I heard him giggle and scream in glee.  It was adorable.

 Run Run Run!

 Daddy, Chase and Owen run off to find more eggs.
 Owen runs toward me with his bucket full of eggs and he's one happy boy.

 My sweet Owen.

 Chase runs over to show his eggs to Mommy.

 Chasey poo
 Daddy in his mittens-it was cold!
The boys with the neighborhood Easter bunny.
Easter day was great!  The boys woke up early (5:00 for Chase).  I slept with Chase until Owen woke up at 6:00 and then I laid with him for 15 minutes.  He noticed the umbrella the Easter bunny left him at the end of his bed and had to go tell Chase to look at his.  Owen busted into Chase's room and woke him from a deep sleep.  Poor Chase was so out of it, he didn't know what to think.  He was excited about his umbrella as well.  We went downstairs and Owen noticed the eggs hidden right away-thus began an egg hunt.  They saw their Easter baskets and looked in those and were happy with their treats.  They ran around the house snatching up eggs and looking for more.  It was cute to watch.  I had hid a bunch of jelly beans that neither of them were interested in.

We quickly got ready for church-our favorite part of Easter.  Jeff and I ushered at the 8:30 service at the Chanhassen High School.  Since Westwood is always overcrowded on Easter they have alternate services at the High School.  The boys were very excited to go to church, as always. The service was wonderful, uplifting and reminded us of the meaning of Easter and how fortunate we are to be one of Jesus' children.  We went to brunch after church and went home to play outside.  The boys and I picked up sticks that had fallen from the big oak.  Chase was the most helpful, coming back time after time for more sticks to put in the pile.  Owen liked to collect sticks for his own collection, which he took to a special spot to hoard.  :)  We took a late nap, had a nice meal and played outside again.  It was a great Easter as a family.
 Chase peeks into his Easter basket.

 Owen's basket
 Owen's new umbrella!
 Outside Jake's before brunch.  Owen was less than thrilled about being at Jakes, much less about having to take a picture.
 Easter 2012, Owen, Mommy and Chase

 Chase takes a big bite of his bunny
 Look at our bunnies Mom!

 Owen takes a big big bite!
 Owen pulls the line out of his new fishing rod from Nana and Papa
Chase examines his new fishing rod