Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas was Great!

We had just a wonderful Christmas with my family!  The boys were very well behaved and took each event as it came.  They were so happy to see Nana and Papa and Auntie Kate and Lane.  Each day more presents appeared under the tree and they were so patient, never tearing into the gifts or really whining about opening them.  I get so excited to have them open the gifts we got for them, mostly because I know they will love them!

Because I had a lot of family in town we had several events.  On the 23rd we went to my cousin Kathryn's for dinner with my cousins Phil and James and their significant others.  It was so nice to see everyone.  The boys had fun with Kathryn's son Blake and they played with his cars.  My parents and Kate and Lane arrived late on the 23rd.  We spent the next morning with Phil, Amanda, James and Marthe as they came to our home for brunch.  Phil and James live on opposite sides of the country; Phil in San Francisco and James in New York City, so we don't see them often.  It was nice to be with them at Christmas. 

Amanda, Phil, Susie, Kate, Lane, Marthe, James

 Owen and Chase before church in their little suits
 The Bergers 2011

Boy do these guys love each other.  I think this picture and the ones of them hugging are just adorable.  Owen yells, "Chasey," when he wants him, just like we do.  It's cute.

The boys loved ornaments this year.  Chase shows the blue glass ornament that was his favorite.  I was so afraid it was going to get broken because he was not always gentle. 
Owen shows off his favorite ornament-pink of course!  They loved the sparkly things on the tree.
Holding the favorite blue ornament carefully.

We went to church at 3:40 that day and boy was it packed.  Chase and Owen sat through their first church service because there was not child care. Chase wasn't feeling the best and he sat very still and colored with Jeff the entire service.  Owen was feeling very good and was wiggly.  He did great too, but was busy moving around.  He liked to stand up on my lap and look at the choir singing and wondered, "Where did the people go?" when they left the stage.  At one point he stood up and started dancing, which was sweet.

Throughout the weekend I heard, "Hi Auntie Kate," over and over. Chase and Owen loved having Auntie Kate around.

We had snacks and chili for dinner and fought back the urge to open gifts. Santa made an appearance and Chase and Owen were excited to see him.  They dug in his bag and looked for gifts.  Santa brought crayons, markers and Cars coloring books and the boys were very satisfied!  He also brought gifts for the rest of us, which was so nice of Santa!
Chase and Owen peer into the bag

Chase holds and envelope for Aunty Kate
Owen and Chase smile with Santa and hold their chocolatey sucker.
Owen, Kate, Chase and Grandma.
Of course after church, the shirts had to come off and the muscles had to come out.  Isn't he tough looking?!
Double trouble-Owen had to get in there and show his muscles too

Christmas morning started around 6:30 with C, O and I making our way downstairs to find Santa had been there.  We checked the advent calendar and found baby Jesus in the 25th pocket.  Chase carefully placed him in the manger we had padded with cotton and we thanked God for sending Jesus.
Owen looks up with a smile-he doesn't know his favorite cars that he really wanted are inside!
Chase tears open his special gift from Santa-cars!
The boys help Daddy open his gift.

Chase and Owen help Mommy open a new pair of pants
Mommy and Owen open some books.  Books were the hot item at our house this year.  I think they got around 12.  Good thing because they love love reading.
Chase got a head lamp for camping!  Owen got one and Daddy got two!
Uncle Lane helps Chase open his new truck from Grandma and Grandpa
Owen drives his new truck and is happy about it!
Owen helps Grandpa open his present.
Chase is so happy to have Nigel the car.
yummy, candy canes!
Mommy sees the gift for Chase and Owen and is excited! 
It's a new Car track to go on the wall!!! Owen is thrilled to see it comes with a new car!
Chase is happy and lets Nana and Papa know
Daddy is putting together the new track and the boys wait patiently.
Nana tries to nap and Chase stands by with a sucker.
Owen pokes Nana in the face with the sucker.
Papa Curly reads a new Dr. Seuss book.
Owen and his 5 new cars!

We sent over and the boys started to pull things out of their stockings, giggling with glee. There were lots of fun things and lots of Cars items.  They found a little Simba and Nala, which they loved.  Jeff got up shortly after this and we opened a few gifts from Santa and each other.  The boys got what they asked Santa for!  Chase got a black car and a purple car.  Owen got a pink car and a blue car (Disney Cars of course).

Papa and Chase play together.

Christmas Eve dinner

When the rest of the family got up we opened presents and enjoyed the time with each other.  That night we had our traditional dinner of prime rib.  Kate helped out with crab legs and boy were we full!  We played some SkipBo after the boys went to bed and ended the night with some new cards Jeff got-"Would you Rather."  We had a lot of good laughs over that game.