Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Play with Nana and Papa

Nana and Papa Berger are such fun players!  They love to hide and seek with the boys and get them all excited.  The boys can always rely on Nana and Papa for an exciting night of play.  Here is a series of pictures I captured just a few days ago!  Soooo cute.
Love Nana's hair in this picture!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aunty Kate Visits

My sister, Kate, came to town for a night.  She had fun playing construction with the boys.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Kings Visit

Graham and the big sailboat in Door County

Graham age 2-how adorable!

Susie and Wilson, age 4
When I was in college I had the great opportunity to care for 3 wonderful little children in a suburb of Chicago.  I did this the summers of '97, '98 and some of '99.  I can not tell you how greatly the King family impacted me.  They opened their home with such kindness and allowed me to really be one of the family.  I fell in love with the family and we have remained close friends.

When I began in 1997 the kids were just 2, 4 and 6 years old.  The last time I saw everyone was at my wedding almost 5 years ago!  So, when I got a phone call from Catherine, the mom, about 2 weeks ago saying they were coming through town I was thrilled.

Catherine and Graham (the youngest who is now 16!) stopped by last Friday and we had such a great visit.  We went to dinner at Lola's and just spent plenty of time talking and catching up.  Graham has become such a wonderful young man (do you like being called a "young man" Graham?)  He is smart, tall, cute, easy to talk to, easy to be around and is just a nice kid.  I wasn't able to see Wilson, Alexandra or Ed (their dad) as they were working or studying in London (must be rough Alexandra). Thank you for visiting! It made my summer!!

Susie and Alexandra
Susie and Graham
Catherine and Chase at Lola's
Graham (16), Susie and Owen (Do we look a little older or what?)
Jeff, Graham and the boys feeding the fish
Catherine, Graham, Susie, Chase and Owen
We had a surprise visitor in our garden when we got home!  Jeff had to throw rocks at it to get the deer to leave.  It was very tame.

Head Butters

Chase has the hardest head of any person I've ever known.  He throws that head around and it harms whatever it comes in contact with, but it doesn't hurt him.  He likes to head butt me when I'm standing and cooking, or doing whatever and it really hurts!  Owen has started doing this too.  While I was blogging today, they both ran at me and two hard heads butted me in the kidneys.  They thought it was funny, it hurt me.  I turned around, clapped my hands together really loudly to get their attention and told them they couldn't do it anymore.  They bawled loudly and felt badly.  Hopefully that solves the problem. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

It was down right hot and miserable last week!  I mean 99 degrees with a heat index of 114.  Seriously.  It's so hard to believe we live in a place that gets this hot and sooooo cold in the winter.  I wish there was more of an in between.

We've been spending lots of time in doors and playing outside at night.  We went to the beach one day at 9:30 in the morning and it was just great.  We played in our new beach ball sprinkler two nights ago and the water was luke-warm by the time it hit your skin.  The boys had a BLAST!  I have not seen them have that much fun in a sprinkler ever.  I heard a man downtown baked chocolate chip cookies on the hood of his car. Pretty amazing.

Owen very intensely paints his bird house.
Chase uses his good skills to paint his bird house

 On Wednesday we got out the sprinkler ball and the kids went nuts!  It was so fun.  The water was warm and felt great!


Owen gets his head wet

Owen is dripping wet!

Chase is very wet and silly!

Chase is saying, "Meeee,"  which means, "Come get me!"

Daddy and Chasey

Mommy and Chasey 

 Mommy and her Lovies
C & O were reading to each other one day.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Night with My Hubby

Last weekend Jeff and I had the chance to get away, just the two of us!  We dropped the boys off with Jeff's parents for the day/night and went to Ames for my cousin Heather's wedding.  It was delightful to be away with just my hubby.  We didn't even know what to do with ourselves.  Before the wedding began Jeff had to have his favorite Ames fast food-Long John Silver's.  Yuck.  I went into the church so I wouldn't smell of cheap fish and grease.

It was really a nice evening seeing my family and just enjoying the night.

Kate and Lane

Dad and Mom

My aunt Jill, Aunt Nan and Uncle Jon
Doing the Twist with my parents and posing for the camera

The Anderson family

My sister and I

Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Visit to the Farm to See Aunt and Uncle

Nana and Papa bring out the balance bikes for C & O.  They were eager to get on.
Chase uses his feet to stand up while on his bike.

Papa walks with Owen down the sidewalk.
Nana and Chase ride up the sidewalk.

Owen was so proud that he could walk the bike by himself.  He is way more cautious than Chase and preferred to have his feet solidly planted on the ground.
Papa helping Owen the first time he rode the bike.

Uncle Lane helps Chasey.
Papa and Chase

Chase examines his bike.

Another trip up the sidewalk and down.

There were 5 super cute 5 week old kittens that the boys fell in love with.  They had to go see the "tikkies" (which is what Chase called them) and Owen called, "Here Kitty". 

Chase holds "his" orange cat we named Tiger.  He loved that cat.  He cradled him and called him a baby.  The kitten was so good and let Chase do whatever.

Auntie Kate helps Owen with his kitty.

Owen fell in love with this little dark tiger kitty.  We named his Pete because it is something I knew the boys could say.  There were 4 Petes and only 1 orange cat.

Owen loved to find the kittens. He would walk back in the bushes and call for the kittens and search them out.  He loved to find them and sit on the steps with them.

My friend Brandon has some cattle at our farm.  He took the boys and I out on the dirt (yes dirt) minimum maintenance road to see his cows.  The boys looked and looked and when one bellered they wanted out of there.  They enjoyed the ride on the Gator. 

Owen helped Kate paint the fence while in his undies.
Chase helped Nana

What a great job Chase did.

We went to a friends' farm and fed the baby calf a bottle.  The boys were just as scared of the small calf as they were of the big cows.
The last night we were there the boys got very silly while eating. They shoved a bunch of shredded cheese into their mouths and were just laughing and laughing at each other.  The adults couldn't figure out what was so funny!  It was funny watching them though.

Uncle Lane and my Dad are fireworks freaks and every year (and Christmas) we light off a bunch of fireworks-since they are legal in SD.  These are big smoke bombs, which the boys loved. They also did fun snaps and got hunt down some parachutes that were launched out of a bottle rocket.