Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We attended VBS last week and the boys had a blast.  I volunteered with the kindergartners so Chase and Owen got to be on their own with the kids their age.  The little kids sat in the balcony during the song time at the beginning of the day.  They got to hear, sing and practice the actions to the same songs we sang.  Boy oh boy were Chase and Owen cute when they sang.  I snuck up to take this video and Chase saw me, which is why he is smiling so cutely at me.  Owen was amazing at following the actions and was so cute doing them!  The little helper boy sitting next to the boys was so good with them.  He interacted and showed them what to do, it was very cute.  I was so proud of my boys and was happy they could learn about God and how wild He is about them.

Monday, June 27, 2011


When the boys started noticing the stop lights I would say, "Green Go," when the light changed so they knew it meant go.  Now they think the color "green" is called "greengo".  (which also sounds like Gringo, which is funny to me).  So if we are talking about colors Chase will point to the grass and say, "Greengo". 

Owen says that "pink" is "mink", which is also pretty cute too. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our First Movie

Tonight we took Chase and Owen to see their first movie theater movie; Cars 2.  Since they are obsessed with the first Cars movie, we thought they would love the new movie.  Boy did we talk it up and make it a big deal.  The boys wore their Cars shirts.  There were lots of other boys there wearing their Cars gear too.

When we walked into the theater, Chase, who I was holding, looked around with big eyes and smiled.  Then, during the previews they kept asking for "Cars,".  Chase sat with his hands over his ears the whole time the previews were on. I was worried he would do that during the movie too but he didn't.   It was a long wait but finally the movie started.  Owen sat on my lap the first half until Chase decided he wanted to sit with me too.  Then Owen sat with Jeff.  Chase was pretty silent, but Owen yelled and said, "Go, go" and squealed a few times.  What a  special and memorable family outing! 

Don't they look so little in those big chairs? 
Chase is on the left and Owen the right.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day 2011

 We had a smashing Father's Day, minus the fact I didn't get to see my father.  We did, however get to spend Father's Day as a family.  We went to church, Daddy had some time to himself, we took the boys fishing and then we had Jeff's Dad and Mom over for some wonderful steaks.  Jeff is a wonderful father to Chase and Owen and my Dad was/is a wonderful father to me. I know Jeff feels the same about his father.
Owen gives Daddy a kiss at the Waconia marching band parade, which we watched in the pouring rain.

Daddy and Chase get the fishing rod ready to go at the Clayhole.

 Jeff guides Chase
 Chasey fishing all by himself.
 Chase catches his first fish!
Chase's first sunfish!  Look at that proud smile.

 Owen's turn for Daddy's help and a hand at the fishing pole.

 Owen reels in his first fish ever!
 Look at those muscles pull in the fish!

 So cute! Too peas in a pod with four froggies an one fish.
 Owen's fish, he's so happy!

 Daddy gives Owen the fish so he can throw it back.

 Chase's 2nd fish!
 At the park when our worms ran out.
This shot cracks me up. Notice Chase's arm pressing up so hard against Owen's cheek that it smashes it.  :0

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Trip to See Papa and Nana and the Farm

Owen standing with the poppies in Nana's garden in the morning sun.

We had just beautiful hot humid weather loaded with gnats and flies while on the farm.  I would trade that for this terrible cold rainy weather we're having now.  The boys got to play with the hoses, wash the cars, play in the sprinkler and just have fun in the hot weather.  It couldn't have been better.

Owen takes a drink of the water and thinks it's a bit cold.

Owen takes a drink of the water from the hose and drips!

Owen spits out the water!

Chase picks up the sprinkler in order to run after Owen.
Giving Chase the hose is not always the best of ideas.  He loves to pray people with it!

The nice thing about the farm . . . you just pull your car up on the grass under the shade and wash away. 
With a little prompting from Mommy, Chase goes after Nana with the hose.

Owen runs from the play house along the path to the house.

Watch out Nana, I'm going to get you!
Chasey finds two sticks he is proud of.

Run run run!  They had so much fun just running from diamond to diamond.

Owen examines a bug on the sidewalk

Chase held up the hose, which allowed the water to fall right on his head!

Owen finally gets a chance to play with the hose

And luckily there were 2 hoses so there could be a water fight.

Pure joy!  Love that smile.

Owen laughs with delight. 

To cool off Chase takes part in the drinking of the water.

Wouldn't you love those abs?

Loving the farm and play in the water

Oh Chasey!

Look at that laugh caught on film, he loved the sprinkler!
Owen slowly goes through the sprinkler
Chase looks at his blankies with the binoculars

These pictures are actually from our first day in SD at Avera McKennan hospital.  It was so nice to drive into town and see my Dad right away and he looked great.  Since this time he has gone home and has been there one week.  He is gaining strength each day.
Owen and Nana get a coloring sheet ready.

Dad before he had his head shaved.
The shaving of the head (I had permission to put these on the blog)

Owen loo

Mom with Dad and his mo-hawk.

Not so bad with a bald head!

Of course Dad feels better with his cap-a must have for him.
Chase finds the binoculars and enjoys looking at the world close up.
Owen strips down right away and runs around the farm in his undies.