Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bjork's visit

My best friend, Lindzy, and her family came to town on the 14th of May.  Lindzy and her husband, Jason, and I went to ISU together.  I went on their first date with them. :)  Before I was married I was called Jason's second wife because I was always with them.  And I swear they let me (or so I thought) have an opinion and say in their lives. :) (o.k. not really, but they let me have a say in where we stopped to have lunch on the way to Ames.) We would do a lot together and I am so thankful and blessed by their friendship!  Well, we all grew up and had kids.  The Bjorks moved back to IA from VA.  Lindzy had her 3rd baby and they came for a visit. The boys had a blast and can't stop talking about Addy and Ela. 
Addy, Chase and Owen have a meal together.

Ela felt a little left out after all the pictures I took of the 3 littles.  I happened to capture this beautiful shot of her bright smile!  She's a beautiful God daughter, isn't she?
The kids were playing construction and trains.

Addy ponders her next creative construction move.
This picture cracks me up.  Pants too big, undies hanging out, skinny little body, hat too small but still looks cute and snot smeared across his face and his big brown eyes gazing at me.  Oh Owen, I love you!
Lindzy and baby Drew.  Isn't he cute?!
Before church Chase and Ela got in some bounce time.
The kids wouldn't put their arms around each other, so I lined them up and got some cute pictures!
Chase, Addy, Owen and Ela

Isn't this sweet? Addy and Owen stare at the video of Ela's music concert. 

Day +1

It's the fist day after Dad's transplant.  I guess he felt like a "wet dishcloth" last night.  He had been given 2 doses of Benadryl, which I think would account for the "wet dishcloth" feeling.  I'm listening to my two little boys play like boys in the next room.  It's so sweet.  We are all praying for Papa and know God will answer!

I talk to him several times a day, typically on my way to work and on the way home.  It's fun to check in and hear about all the people he met that day.  My dad loves to talk and meet people.  :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 0

Transplant day for my dad.  He gets new healthy stem cells.  They call it his Birthday, I guess because his body is being reborn, in a sense.

Thank you for the prayers!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day -1

So today is day -1 for my dad.  Today begins the stem cell transplant process.  Today he will have massive doses of chemotherapy to destroy the diseased cells in his bone marrow and the rest of his body. This gets rid of the cancer cells in his bone marrow.

Join me in praying for my Dad, mom and for the doctors.  Please pray that the transplant will be successful and the risk of infection will be minimal. 

We are praying for you Dad!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mommy's Treasures

If you are a mom, I'm sure you'll know what I mean, by saying these are my treasures.  The dandelion above is my first flower given to me, with a huge smile, by my son Chase.  It was so sweet and I love this "flower". 
This card was made by Chase for me on Mother's Day.  Isn't it beautiful.

This butterfly card Owen made for me on Mother's Day.  It's lovely.

I treasure these things their little hands make and give. What a blessing.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cute Stories

The boys have been really funny lately, their little personalities are sure coming out.  The other day Jeff was helping the neighbors move a large ball and burlapped tree.  The guys were really working hard to get the tree in the hole.  The boys and I were watching and all of a sudden Chase yells, "Go Daddy go!"  It was so sweet, we all laughed and Chase looked so proud.

When coming home from Waconia the other night Owen was asking for something from the backseat.  I said, "No," to which he replied, "Pllllllleeeeeeeeeeease"  He sure knows how to get what he wants!  Of course with that sweet little plea I gave in.

Last night Chase got a big ol splinter in his foot.  It was a very big deal.  He couldn't take a bath, he wouldn't walk on it, needed Daddy, etc.  When I finally figured out he had the splinter he was freaked out.  Jeff had to hold him while I tried to hold his little foot still.  He was thrashing and kicking and screaming like we were cutting off his leg.  It came out very easily, thank goodness.  Through the thrashing it was interesting to watch Owen.  He seemed almost at tormented as Chase and began to cry when Chase was crying.

 The boys like to wear their backpacks while running around the yard. Here are a couple pics of them around Easter.
Chase is not much bigger than the backpack.

He's getting ready to run!

Owen is running up the hill wondering where Chase is.

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Outfits from Nana and Papa Bob

Chase and Owen got new outfits and the minute they saw them they had to put them on.  Don't they look cute!

Chase shows off his best dancing moves.

More dancing

Play fighting

Suddenly there is a big hug in the midst of play fighting!

Owen's best dance moves.  Notice his face.

Friday, May 13, 2011

May Day and Jeff's Birthday

May has been a fun month for us.  We handed out May Day baskets and celebrated Daddy's birthday.  When I was little we always made May Day baskets.  We put popcorn and gum drops in the.  So, to continue the tradition, I did the same with my boys this year. We added other candy too. It was a lot of fun and Chase and Owen really enjoyed helping.  Some cups ended up with 10 tootsie rolls, other with one.  I think most of the candy ended up in the mouths of C & O. 

21 May Day baskets for the neighbor kids

Chase enjoys his candy
Owen is telling me his tootsie roll is stuck in his teeth!

Mommy and her May Day Basket making kiddos.
Daddy is teaching Chase how to open the tootsie roll-big mistake!

Daddy picks tootsie roll out of Owen's teeth.

It was a freezing day of delivering baskets.  I think it was about 40 degrees, burrrr.  The boys ran to the door of our friends, knocked and ran like the wind, as to not be caught.  Many a basket got dumped out but we had a lot of fun!
Jeff's 35th birthday on 5-5

Chasey gets to help blow out candles

Owen helps blow the candles out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Post nap
At Jake's.  It was very windy!
Mother's Day this year was a really wonderful day, thanks to my wonderful husband and boys.  We went to church, had brunch at Jake's in Eden Prairie with the Bergers, took a nap, had some free time (got flowers and groceries) and then planted my pots with the boys.  It was a lot of fun to be with my family and enjoy motherhood.  I'm so fortunate to have had a wonderful model-my Mom.  I love nothing more than being a mother!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I really truly am amazed daily by my children, Owen and Chase.  I'm amazed and in awe each time a new word comes out of their mouths. For example, today Chase said, "pizza" and he just looked at me with awe and a sparkle in his eyes and was so proud.  So was I.  Have I talked about the sparkle in Chase's eyes?  There's no denying it's there.  His eyes sparkle constantly, when he's laughing, being goofy, getting into trouble, doing something new, it's a pleasure to watch. 

I'm amazed as I watch Owen play over and over with his cars and his little legs bent at the knees splayed out to the side.  I'm amazed at how he knows each car individually and enjoys playing so nicely with himself.  I love to hear him talk to himself and pretend play.  He calls the cars Daddy and will say, "daddy this?" and the other car will respond, "no, go."  or something along those lines.

The other day Chase was being whiny.  I told him to, "Stop" and when he had a nice voice I would listen.  About 20 seconds later he said Mommy, and I looked at him.  There was that sparkle, a small smile and he was rubbing his tummy-doing our sign for "sorry."  My heart just melted and I could feel God working in and through him.  God is teaching this child about asking for forgiveness, knowing when he has sinned and done wrong. God has given him a sensitivity to this like no other.  Chase is very helpful and empathetic.  He likes to get things for us and for Owen and helps a lot.  He loves to cuddle, put his nose on my nose and move his head back and forth as he stares into my eyes and smiles.  On Friday Chase gave me my first dandelion bouquet.  I cherished it!  He gave it to me with a big small in his small little fist.

Owen loves to put his nose on my nose and rub it around while giving me kisses on the mouth and staring into my eyes.  He loves to have his head and hair rubbed and this typically calms him down. He loves to snuggle up, putting his head on my shoulder.  He likes me to sing to him at night and asks for "more" when I try to stop.  When he sits with me he likes to cuddle into the crook in my arm, with his legs under him, all bundled into a ball with his blankies with him.  Owen is very strong willed and determined.  I love these qualities about him.  He is self assured and independent.  He is very kind and has great manners, saying "s Mommy"-which means, "thanks Mommy" after everything I do for him.  After he has had a meltdown or crying session, he seems so much better, like he just had to get it out.  Then he looks at us, throws his arms around my neck, looks me in the eyes and says, "HAPPY!"  and he is back to happy go lucky Owey.  The other day Chase wanted Daddy.  I said, "You don't want Mommy?  Don't you love Mommy?"  He shook his head no (which didn't hurt my feelings).  Then Owen looks at me with a twinkle in his eye and his sweet smile and says, "Me!"  I said, "Owen you love Mommy?"  and he smiled big and said, "Yeah."  Melted my heart.

The boys love to eat breakfast with Daddy.
 Chase has a whole pile of worms in his scooper shovel-he just loves them.
Owen gets ready to instruct Chase as to what they will build.  Owen always wears that hat with the elastic part on the back of his head. Cracks me up.
hiding behind blinds is so much fun!

Each day, no joke, I'm amazed by my children and am overcome with love.  I do not know how I could love them any more than I do.  I want to hold them, cuddle, play and learn more and more about them.  I love to teach them and show them new things.  Their eyes light up and Owen says, "ooooohhhh" and he slaps his hands to his cheeks with his mouth wide open.  I can't get enough of them. i can't stop thinking of how this time is so precious and will soon be gone. I think this helps me to appreciate the moments I have with them.  God has truly blessed me beyond measure.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter Stories

I was reading the story of Jesus' death and resurrection to Chase the other night.  I got to the page where Jesus is on the cross.  He has some bruises and scrapes on him and looks sad (rightly so).  I was telling Chase about what happened to Jesus and that he had owies and hurt and why it all happened.  Chase kept saying, "Owie" and had this sad look on his face. Then he grabbed the book and brought it to his face so he could kiss Jesus' owies.  It melted my heart.

Later I was reading the Easter story-a different version-to Owen.  I told him the same things but we didn't have the picture of Jesus on the cross.  I said Jesus died, but then he rose again, and Owen kept saying, "Me die"  I'm not quite sure what he meant but I kept reassuring him that no he was not going to die any time soon. 

I think it's great they show compassion and interest in Jesus' "owies" and his death.  Most importantly we talked about his resurrection and how it brings new life and freedom for all who believe!  Yeah for Jesus!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter 2011 was a grand time.  We attended the second annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  It was very chilly but a lot of families came out.  Chase and Owen said "hi" to their buddies and got 12 eggs each!  Lots of candy!
Chase collects eggs
Owen finds an egg in the rocks
Owen is moving on to find more eggs.  Owen doesn't like peanut butter and ironically the main candy he got was Reece's peanut butter cups.  I swapped them out for a candy he liked when he wasn't looking.

Chase shows off his loot.  He was very happy.

Daddy and Owen and Chase
Mommy, Owen and Chase
Easter morning. 
I put their baskets and treats on the stairs after we got up.  Then we pretended they had just arrived.

Chase and Owen very quickly climbed the stairs to see their baskets.  Notice the jammies?  Chase will only wear footy jammies and Owen will only wear mismatched jammies of his choosing. 

A bug net! Yipee. 

Owen brings his goods down the stairs to show us.
Owen's pretty proud of his stuff.
Chase finds and egg and wonders what is inside!
Owen finds some eggs that were hiding!
Owen looks over the contents of his basket.  He got a new trowel and rake for the garden.
I found Chase sneaking another piece of candy.  He is not happy about me seeing.
Sword fighting with bug nets.
My little angel Chase all decked out for church.  We went to church at the Chanhassen High School.  Because Westwood has so many attenders on Easter they also have services at the High School.  It was a great service.
Chase and Owen continue to eat their candy.

Daddy and Owen snuggle after church
Mommy, Chase and Owen are sooooo happy Jesus is risen!
Papa, Chase, Nana and Owen
Owen does "the claw", which Papa invented and looks more menacing when he does it.  Owen doesn't look too scary, does he?
Chase and "the claw"
The kids' dessert
Sophie and Chase jump on the couch.
All the kids jump on the couch!
Chase likes his ducky dessert
Sohpie gets ready to dig in.
Owen eats his ducky head.
Chase hugs Sophie
Papa and Nana Berger with their grandkids. 
Owen and Chase were just nuts yelling and laughing like crazy!
Sweet cousins! 

Owen gets his huge Easter present from Nana and Papa and gazes at his new Lightening McQueen backpack.
This is a sucker with Mader's teeth on it. It was so funny to see Owen and Chase walk around these in their mouths.  We laughed and laughed.

Chase examines his chocolate bunny from Nana and Papa
Chase and the Mader teeth.
Two buck teeth buddies