Monday, November 29, 2010

Nana Bobette

Owen learned a new word this weekend!  He learned to say his Grandma Bobette's name! :) Check it out, it's so cute!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

We Get Ready for Thanksgiving By . . .

off the driveway . . .
Playing with water in the sink and secretly grabing Mommy's knife-which was quickly stripped from Chase's hands,

Getting the china and flatware out, along with coloring turkeys and using items from the art box to keep C & O busy in anticipation of Grandma and Grandpa's arrival while Mommy irons the linens . . .

And washing the plates that were used last year at this time.

                                   What are you doing?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Stuff

Owen sits in a box of balls enjoying his time, hanging out with his blankies.
What a look!

We were given a bounce house, which takes up our entire play room!  It's amazing and so much fun!  Chase and Owen went nuts climbing in and out for at least an hour.  They would throw themselves down the slide over and over and just laugh and giggle the entire time.  Our big thanks to Cousin Ryan!

Chase gets ready to jump

Look at this cool toy!  How fun!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Love Those Eyes

       Have you seen my baby's big beautiful hazel eyes?  I just love 'em.

This is Owen's pouty face.  We see this quite often if he's sad or not so happy.  I think it's adorable.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hair Cuts

Before Nana left for Florida she gave the boys a hair cut.  Nana Berger used to cut hair as a profession and she often gives the family hair cuts.  We are lucky!  Chase sat nicely and watched TV-alone with Owen on the counter.  :)  Owen was a little more antsy, which is why I only had a few pictures of him.  They look very nice and trim now. 
Nana cuts Chase's hair.

Chase sits so still.

What a little cutie.

Owen gets his turn with the cape.

Nana cuts Owen's hair while he sits in the big chair.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When Mommy Turns Her Back

and doesn't watch her children while they color, this is what happens.  :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Boy and His Crossed Legs

***On another note, in my previous post I mentioned Jeff and I took Owen to the park while Chase was sleeping.  I debated about whether or not I needed to say that Nana was home with Chase while he napped. I figured people would assume I would not leave my child in the house alone while taking my other child out.  However, I got several comments about it-people didn't really think I left Chase at home alone, they just thought it was funny I didn't say who I left him home with.  Those people also know me personally, and know I wouldn't do that, but some of you out there may not me personally.  So, just to put all those nervous moms out there at ease . . . Nana Sandy was home with Chase.  He was well taken care of.  :) ***

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Owen's Date with Mommy and Daddy

Owen had a date to the park with Mommy and Daddy. It didn't start out as an intentional date, it was just a walk to the park because Chase was sleeping (*Nana was at home with Chase-I thought about writing this the first time, but didn't, but after all the comments I got I thought I better make it known that Chase was not at home alone.), but it was so fun! It was fun for Jeff and I to be one on one with one of our sons. Jeff even said, "Boy, this is what it's like with one kid!"

Owen tried out the new ducky at the new park in our neighborhood.

Mommy helped Owen dig.

Daddy climbed wtih Owen.

Owen and Daddy start to go down the slide.

Are you ready?

Oh boy, that was a fun and fast ride!

Owen gets to sit in the big Bob Cat, which he thought was pretty cool.

Look at my big boy.

Owen loves bugs and he and Jeff were looking at a grasshopper.

He had to get down and look very closely at the bug.

We saw the most amazing caterpillar.  It had a spike at the back, which you can see in the picture and on the shaddow.  There was more orange on this caterpillar and it was just huge.  The picture doesn't show the size.

Owen stares at the caterpillar near the grass.

Of course Jeff had to poke it and then was "scared" so he held Owen's hand just in case the caterpillar jumped at them or something.  :)

Owen runs home! His little run is so cute-his legs splay out to the side.

                         We got sidetracked in an open lot and found more grasshoppers to look at.
                       Owen shows me a bug on his finger.  What a fun date with Mommy and Daddy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Handsome Boys

Chase and Owen got new sweaters from my Aunt Jill.  She always gives the boys the cutest clothes.  Here they are showing off their sweaters (actually, just Chase) and smiles before church.  They even had their hair combed!
Nana Sandy has been staying with us for a couple weeks before she and Papa Jim leave for FL.  Papa Jim is back, too, after spending some time "Up North" at his cabin for the big hunt.  It's been fun for all of us to have house guests and Chase and Owen love having Nana and Papa around. 

Nana and Chase

Nana, Owen and Chase