Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Birthday Party

We headed over to Pat and Lindsay's for a very important birthday event.  Our little nephew, Gavin, turned 1! 
On the way there Owen fell asleep with his blankey in his mouth.

Chase enjoyed a little melt down on the floor. 

         And they wore their super cute suits.  Owen played with the balloon.
And we took some family pictures, in which no children smiled, not even mine!

                    Chase and Owen had their first bite of taffy and loved it!

And they sat at the big kids table and ate lunch with Sophie.  It was a fun day!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We've Done It!

It's been three weeks since my first post on potty training and after this period of time I am comfortable saying CHASE AND OWEN ARE POTTY TRAINED!  They are no longer wearing diapers at nap (actually haven't been the whole time) and are doing all their jobs in the toilet.  It's very nice to have no foul smelling diapers around and to see cute little underwear bottoms running around the house.  I'm so proud of my boys and their dedication to going potty in the toilet.  Cheers!

We got into the winter hats and mittens.  Don't they look cute with just undies and soks?
Chase is clapping he is so happy to wear winter gear.

The boys got some new underwear.  Cows and guitars are cool.

Owen's guitar undies

                                          Looking at our undies

Have you noticed a trend in our pictures?  Owen has to have only underwear on, maybe socks too.  He will throw a fit if he has to wear clothes. Chase is always cold so he will tolerate a shirt.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Feeding the Fish

At the park the other day (the one with the goats and geese) we also got to look at the pond and feed fish.  It was lots of fun.  The boys loved to see the geese, goats and fish.  They were so good and never left our side-except to run in the grass.  I was worried they would wander into the water because they've done that before.  It's not the kind of place you want your kids wading into. 

It was just a beautiful day.  Fall is great, isn't it?  You can be outside in the warmth without sweating! 
Chase enjoyed looking at the geese swim and dive in the water.
I love it when kids sit like this, especially my own.
Owen feeds the fish and Chase and Mommy look on.
I brought some ends of the bread loaf that no one eats.  However, Owen must have been hungry because he ate the entire piece of bread.  :)
The fish were so pretty to watch.  They gobbled up our bread.
Daddy watches with the boys too.

Monday, September 20, 2010




Thursday, September 16, 2010

Goats and Ducks

We went to a park the other day that has some goats.  We drive by these goats every day and Owen says "baa".  Chase waves and says hi.  It was fun to see them up close.  We also saw a lot of geese.  Owen was very interested in them and started to herd them.  He then scared them and they all flew over Chase and I.  We covered our heads because a few of them were doing their business while flying and we almost got hit!
Owen kisses the goat.
Chase hugs, kisses and looks at the goat
Petting the goat with Daddy looking on
Owen is herding the geese. Look at how small he is!
"Look Ma the geese are flying!" 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


They did it!  Owen and then Chase, went poo poo in the potty!  yipeee, horray, wooo hooo!

Turns out all the boys needed was a little privacy.  I should have known and I did think about it, but never actually left them alone.

Kelly figured this out at daycare.  Poor Owen really needed to go and Kelly tried to get him to go.  She then thought to give him some privacy and left the room.  When she came back he had gone and was very proud of himself!  Chase went much the same.

Owen on the potty wearing his choice of pj's.  He has to have the star shirt with the striped pants.  
Chase wearing a huge shirt from daycare while eating a cookie.
My little boys are big boys.  However they now want to play "baby" at home.  The ask for "baby" and want to be carried like a baby and use a pacifier.  Digression. I'll take it as long as there is pooping in the potty going on.  :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What?! Underwear?!!!

It's been a big weekend at the Bergers!  I just can't believe it! Chase and Owen are currently potty training!  They have been in training since Thursday and I haven't wanted to blog about it due to fear that it was just a fluke, however they are doing pretty well.

Here is the story: (and a warning, this is a long post.  I wrote most of this for myself, so I will remember the details one day.)

Thursday I got a call from my daycare provider, Kelly.  I thought one of the boys was probably sick, but when I heard the excitement in her voice I knew it wasn't that.  She said she had been reading a book and Owen was squirming and looked like he was needing to go potty.  She asked him to wait and when she finished the story she ran him to the bathroom where he went potty.  After this she decided to let him go without his diaper.  She took off Chase's too and put on her son's long t-shirts to cover their privates.  I guess they did great! Every 20 minutes or so she took them to the bathroom and they went!  They were so excited, running there and laughing.  Last week they each had gone to the bathroom in the potty at daycare so we knew they were probably getting ready.  At nap time Chase woke up dry and then went lots of pee pee in the potty.  Owen only had 1 accident and Chase had none.

I was so excited I couldn't contain myself.  I wanted to tell everyone! I went to Target right after work to look for underwear and they didn't have any.  Later that night I went to Kohl's and found the adorable underwear shown above.  They may look a little big in the picture but I guarantee to you, they are not.  They are so tiny!  The boys love Sesame Street and Thomas the Train, so I got those undies for them as incentive. As I was driving home from Kohl's I took a pair out of the package and was looking at them.  I was stopped at a stop light and tears were filling my eyes. As much as I was excited I was a little sad about the true end of babyhood for Chase and Owen.  No more diapers means no more baby-my boys are growing up.  It's such a big step!

Chase had 1 accident because he wouldn't sit on the potty for me.  Owen had 1 accident too, near the train table-ahhhh, fun times.  Not bad, really.

Friday was much the same!  Good boys and good potty time at daycare.  I must admit I was a little nervous about the weekend.  Saturday I had MOPS training at church from 8:30-12 so Jeff was on his own.  I wasn't sure how this whole potty training thing should go or how it would go.  Jeff did a great job, along with help from his parents, as taking 2 little boys to the bathroom every 20 minutes or so is a lot of work.  After the boys' nap they found the underwear I had purchased.  I was going to wait until a little later to show them, but once they found the undies they were so excited they couldn't stand it.  If you have read my past posts you will know that Chase and Owen, Owen specifically, like to have lots of "things", kind of like hoarding.  So, after putting on the first pair of underwear they had to keep putting them on until they were all gone.  So, Owen was wearing 4 pairs and Chase 3.  Ha ha.  It was so funny.  The boys ran around the house galloping and frolicking and it was just adorable and so sweet.  Chase and Owen were so happy and proud of themselves.  A little later they both peed through their underwear so off they came and into the wash.

Now, Chase and Owen love their underwear so much that they won't let us put any other clothes on them-none.  It's sure been fun trying to get to church, out to play, etc.  Tonight we took a walk outside-the boys in their little tiny undies.  I couldn't help but laugh and be a little embarrassed.  Here were my boys little bottoms running down the sidewalk and there were a lot of people out tonight.  Not only that, but Owen was wearing a diaper under his undies, which looked funny. 

Today was an ok day, we had some accidents, but that was mostly our fault for not taking them to the bathroom on time.  Once we were outside and Chase started to go potty and I just pulled down his pants and he went outside!  Later, we were at the park in the parking lot and Owen had to go, so Jeff whipped down his pants and he went on the gravel-so nice to have boys!  Then, later tonight I got it on the arm because Owen couldn't hold it anymore-so funny.

Overall I think they are doing very well.  Owen can say "Pee Pee" so that's nice.  They do a little dance when they have to go which is a good signal.  They are getting better and better at controlling themselves and Chase wakes up from naps dry.  I'm so proud of my big boys and their accomplishments.

I really never thought I would be experiencing potty training before the age of 3.  I mean I have boys-twins for that matter!  How great!

More to come . . .

Chase shows off his new Sesame underwear and is soooo proud.  He is wearing 3 pairs, by the way.
This picture shows Owen's little behind and the layers of underwear he is wearing.  He is actually wearing 4 pairs, but this shows only 3.

Here Chase and Owen are pretending to be babies by crawling.  Chase likes Owen's underwear and is touching Elmo.
Here is Owen in his layered underwear.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Berger Fun

Now Owen needs a bit too.

One day last weekend Chase fell asleep on the way home from somewhere, so I laid him on the couch.  Owen stood over him, just looking at him up close and then far away. I went to put groceries away and came back to see Owen picking at Chase's eye lids!  
Chase and Owen talk to each other through the vacuum extension. 
Our two little men eat breakfast at the island.
This is how Daddy plays hide and seek.  Can you see Chase's little foot sticking out?
When we find them, they say "AAAHHHH", while Owen and I say "AAAAHHHHH."