Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Two years ago tomorrow I was on my way to the hospital with Bell's Palsy-or as Jeff calls it, my face was falling off.  It was my Mom's birthday and we were so excited to think the babies could be born on her special day.  What anticipation and what a great and special day to remember that event 2 years ago.  Boy I've grown as a Mom and person.

I don't care how I look, the funny faces I make or the snot, dried food, etc. that is crusted on me, for I know I am loved by my children, my husband and my Lord.  I am not perfect, my house is not perfect, I'm not all put together, but I have fun, I experience life, I provide unique experiences for my children to learn and grow and I love it!

We love to rough house at the Bergers'.
Owen and Mama having some cuddle and fun times

Chase and Mama having fun

The boys were squeezing me so hard and were just trying to hug as much as they could!
Now they are pulling me down . . . going, going . .  
Gone, we fell over!
These are the radishes I let Chase plant.  Do you like the clump?
Owen and Chase looking at me through the window.
Chase running in his cute Puma outfit from G and G A
Owen playing bubbles in the sink

Owen and Chase in the ottoman watching TV, all snuggly.
Owen at my parents' enjoying his first sweet corn!
Almost 2 years ago!
This is a picture my mom took of me sleeping by the boys during the first few weeks of their lives.  They had been up all morning and I just slept right by them so I could put their pacies in when they fell out and then I could go back to sleep.  I was so pooped. I can't believe how hard those times were.  I didn't know it at the time, but after 2 years of reflection, boy was it hard!  I was pooped.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Sophie and Chase
Chase loves his sunglasses
Chase is cheesing out

Owen hanging over the edge
Chase all ready to go, hat, sunglasses, sippy cup and funny life jacket!
Chase and Grandpa
At the Parade
Chase is so excited he must cover his mouth in glee
Owen looks on in wonder, remnants of the nights dinner on his face. 
Trash cans make wonderful places to stand 
Chase gets in on the action too.
We were out a bit late this night and Chase shows us it's time for bed with a big yawn.
Owen has never looked cuter!
Grandpa reads to Sophie and Owen 
You can tell Jeff is used to taking pictures with kids who don't want to be there, his smile is plastered on. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home on the Range Part 2

The boys got to see a lot of cows.  They liked looking at them and wanted to see them often, but they were also scared of them.  They were most scared when the cows bellered loudly. 
Owen throwing rocks over the bridge.
Owen took off into the corn field and he was determined to not come back.  He only turned around once and after that, he was off.  I had to go get him.  
Chase with the cows in the background. 
Looking through the fence at the cows. 
Chase looking.  I couldn't get a picture of Owen because he wouldn't let me put him down.  :)
Grandma and Chase gazing at the cows.