Sunday, May 30, 2010

Caterpillars Take 2

We had so much fun seeing our first caterpillar.  Grandma Sandy was even over to see it too!  We were very careful and got to pet the caterpillar.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa are Home!

Jeff's parents came home from Florida!  We went to Pat and Lindsay's to have a fun day with the family.  The kids enjoyed playing Ring Around the Rosie with Grandma.  They also enjoyed eating suckers from Grandma.  Cousin Sophie is just 6 months older than the boys. They sure have fun playing with each other.
We all fall down!  The best part is falling down
Owen grabs Chase's hand
Owen falls on his back, even Grandma falls down
Owen and Sophie play together
Owen's preparing to fall down
Boom-Sohpie falls on Owen
Sophie and Chase enjoy their suckers together
Owen, Sophie and Chase are little cuties
SO Big
Chase is silly
Chase and Sophie laugh together
Owen and Sophie love their suckers
Owen shows us his blue tongue-post sucker

Monday, May 24, 2010


WOAH!  Who's the goofball?  It's OWEN!  Owen came down in these glasses the other day. I have no idea where he found them or whom they belong to. :)  He thought he was pretty funny.

The boys' new word is "WOAH".  They say it all the time in all different circumstances.  There are different ways to say "woah"

1.  "Woah" - very low tone of voice-typically said by Owen when he sees a big truck or something boys would like-it's a very manly "Woah," meaning, "That's big and cool". 

2.  "Woah"-change in vocal intonation in the middle of the word on the vowels, but still lower in tone - Said when something is interesting to them - This is what Chase said after Owen took the hose and sprayed him point blank in the face.  Seeing birds or big dogs also warrents this "woah".

3.  "Woah"-flat vocal tone, used to make a statement about something, like running into a door or falling.

4.  "Woah" - a big yell as when Chase saw a kazillion ants in the backyard, usually accompanied by a gesture or slapping of the legs in excitement.
He's also holding my mascara and chapstick, he must have been in our bathroom snooping around.

Friday, May 21, 2010

This and That

We have fun playing at our house. We good around a lot and have lots of laughs.  This morning I was holding Chase while making toast. He pointed to the toaster and I said, "toaster" he repeated me! It was great.  Owen was getting ready with me and was pointing at the hand soap.  I said, "Do you want this?" while pointing at the soap.  He said, "This".  He and Chase say "this" all the time and now I know why!  Terrible. We need to teach our kids better vocabulary. 
Chase covers his mouth while laughing. He thinks this is really cute to do
Owen is getting kissed by the baby
Chase is laying on the floor pouting
When we get home from daycare I give the boys a small snack or a drink.  They then go into the playroom and sit on these stairs. Chase takes the bottom, Owen the top.  Chase is usually the first one in there and he pats the bigger stair and yells for Owen to come sit next to him. They are pretty good friends.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Watering Can

I bought the boys some watering cans for Easter so they could help me water the plants.  The problem is, the water gets dumped out in 2 seconds flat.  There is no gentle watering of the plants.  When the water is dumped out, the boys want more water in their cans, so I don't even get to water the plants!  One afternoon while Jeff was cleaning the driveway the boys got to have all the water they wanted. We ended up very wet!
Owen gets his can filled by Daddy
Owen and Chase trek across the yard to water Mommy's flowers
Owen tries to put his can in the stream of water
Look at the flying water drops!
Owen dumps his water and Chase fills up.
How did Chase get both watering cans? 
Chase finally makes it to Mommy's flowers and successfully empties the water on the flowers.