Friday, April 30, 2010

Yeah! It's Friday!

Who doesn't love a big cheezy smile and a wrinkled nose?
Owen does!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Chase gives me a sweet smile
A giggle sent to brother
Owen smiles as he tries to drink his milk
Owen carefully gets down from the chair.  He knows he is not supposed to be on it-hence the serious expression.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1 and 3/4

Chase and Owen are getting to be big boys! They are over 1 and 3/4 years old.  That's big!  Here are some fun times playing outside last week.
Chase has to have 2 balls, not just one.
Chase is following the rules by staying int the driveway, Owen-not so much
Owen loves to pick up rocks and put them in the trunk of his car
Owen pushing his car. This was right before a meltdown because of frustration
Chase pushing the car
Of course blankey is with us outside
This was so funny-Chase was pushing his car up on the sidewalk.  I looked up and he was just sitting on the step looking at the car.

This is Owen's favorite activity. He pushes the car to the top of the driveway, sits down and picks up his feet.  He rolls down the driveway, down the dip at the end and into the street. Not so safe.
My two loves. No smiles, of course and the only way I got them to look at me was to say "treat".

Friday, April 23, 2010


We have a monster in our house.
His name is Owen!
Owen started pulling on his the corners of his mouth and makes monster sounds.  It's pretty funny.  If you ask him to be a monster this is what he does!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Jeff likes to tease the boys as he feeds them.  They think it's pretty funny but I feel bad for them.  Here is Chase trying to eat Easter cake.

We went to the park tonight.  Owen, before I knew it, had climbed up the hanging ladder thingy.  He's quite the monkey.  They went down the big slide all by themselves and pointed out many many birds.


Chase and Owen are body part identifiers!  They know
Belly button
Working on Eyebrow and elbow

It's fun to watch them point to their parts and then point to the same part on us and their stuffed animals.  
On a side note:  This post is old-I wrote it several weeks ago and this is what it said, "We've been taking an alternate route to work/daycare since Monday because of the flooding of the Minnesota River.  It's been a joy doubling our time and miles.  :)  "

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Hunt for . . .

Geckos! While in FL we had a little hunt for a gecko.  Chase had found one, but it ran off and he was so determined to find it.  We began looking and Grandpa finally found another gecko for us to gawk at. :)
Chase (in green) staring at the gecko.  This is about as close to it as they would get
"Here gecko gecko gecko" 

Yesterday-Sunday, Chase, Owen and I went on a worm hunt in the backyard.  Chase is amazed by worms and loves to find them.  It was two part activity, fun finding worms, good for Mama to dig up weeds.  There were tons of worms!  They pulled them out of their holes, stretched them out, threw them into the grass and giggled lots.  Owen likes them too, but not the really wiggly ones. It's a good thing I can tolerate worms. I think we have some bug lovers on our hands. 

We were playing outside and Pat and Lindsay's on Saturday. Chase saw a tiny tiny little bug and before I knew it he had dropped to his tummy and was laying as close to the bug as he could get to examine it. It was so funny.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm a Sucker . . .

That's right.  I'm a sucker for Seersucker!

It was not an unusual morning at the Bergers.  On this brisk bright Sunday morning, after rising at 4:45 a.m. Chase and Owen donned their new grey and white striped seersucker suits for just another typical Sunday at the Bergers.   Most days begin with a brisk walk around the block followed by a peaceful breakfast of crumpets and fruit, and this day was no different.  Chase and Owen prefer to dress up and were delighted to be seen in this new suit.   After a frolic to the side of the house to chase a ball, Mommy decided to find little Chase and Owen.  Much to her delight, there they were looking cute on a rock.  As she approached they took off to discover the neighbors sprinklers that were lightly dusting their yard with water.  Never having seen such a beautiful sight, Chase and Owen inched closer to this wonder.  (thank God I was swift or this story might not be so positive).  Mommy stopped them in the nick of time!  Mommy received many kisses and hugs for the save.  Chase and Owen frolicked again along the side of the house to take their positions in the family automobile.  Daddy, taking his time inside to fix his hair, arrived shortly after to drive the Bergers to church. 

The End.
Chase looking dapper in his suit

Owen looking cool and hip with his jacket unbuttoned

On a side note:  These are my beautiful magnolia flowers. Aren't they amazing?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beach Boys

These are some of my absolute favorite pictures from our trip to FL. 
We spent Wednesday afternoon at the beach.  It was the boys' first trip to the ocean.  I thought they would love it, given their love of water.  When we took them to see the water they liked it at first.  They stood in it and had the water lap up on their feet, but suddenly they both started crying and then screaming.  They did not like the water.  We wondered if the salt irritated their skin.  Who knows.  It took a bit of time to calm them down.  Finally they allowed us to put them down.  Owen was the first to begin playing in the sand.  Finally Chase joined in with some coaxing.  Owen did go back to the water with me.  We ran along the shore and he stood in the waves and enjoyed it.  Chase ran with Jeff along the shore but did not go back in the water.  They enjoyed eating suckers-Chase had his the entire time, taking licks here and there from the sand crusted lollipop.  Owen ate his up, drooling along the way. We filled buckets with sand and dumped them out.  C & O watched the sand fall from their hands and had fun exploring.  They loved watching the birds fly and land.  It was a bit windy so they had to keep on their coverups to keep warm.
Chase is enjoying the beach, running with his sucker in hand-how handsome is he?

Owen watches people on the beach

Owen is having fun digging in the sand

Owen-what a handsome little one.

Chase giggling

Chase pointing at the birds

C & O exchanging a hug

Aahhh, kisses

Chase making sure we are still watching him

Chase-notice the sand all over his hands-and sucker!

Owen decided he would allow us to bury him in the sand!  He went into the hole and Jeff covered him up.  He was in there for awhile.

Owen played peek-a-boo with Grandpa for quite awhile.

Chase and Owen took over the chairs as soon as we got to the beach.

Owen eating a snack, taking in the action

Owen's first dip in the ocean with Daddy.  He looks to Mommy for some reassurance.

How sweet-Daddy holds Owen's hand as the waves go out into the ocean

Chase looks at the waves about to hit his toes-this was pre-freakout-and his first dip into the ocean.

Our family looking at the ocean together.  They were amazed at the big waves.  It was so fun to watch their faces as the waves pulled the sand at their feet out into the ocean.
Our day at the ocean.

Jeff is saving Owen from the waves and I'm holding Chase. I think this is right before the crying began.

Mommy playing in the sand with her boys.

Grandma talking with Owen

Chase playing with the sand and bucket

Mommy and Chase are disovering small sea shells together

Owen is still buried in the sand and Jeff is playing with him

Jeff running along the shore with Chase-look at that big stride!