Thursday, December 31, 2009

A White Christmas

Boy we had a great, white Christmas!  My parents came up a day early to beat the snow that was coming and it's a good thing they did.  They ended up leaving 1 day later than planned too, because the roads on the way to SD were not good.  I think we got between 13-15 inches of snow.  Jeff was outside a lot snow blowing, shoveling and enjoying the elements. :)

Christmas Eve day we all went to church and enjoyed a great service.  We came home, fed the boys dinner, played and put them to bed. Then the adults enjoyed a fondue dinner and opened a few gifts.

Christmas day was great!  Chase and Owen were little angels and had so much fun tearing the paper on their gifts.  We had several shifts of opening.  They would open a few gifts, play, eat, nap, and then we'd open some more.  It was a nice way to do things.  They were very interested in pulling items out of their stockings, playing with their new train set, UFO, books, shoes, Leap Frog ABC game, and their "big" present, the blow up bouncer with 300 balls.  What a snuggly day it was in the house with the fire going, watching big flakes of snow fall from the sky with the ones we loved surrounding us.  What a great day to celebrate the birth of our Lord!

This blog post is especially for Mama Bergs. :)

Grandma and Chase-check out the snow outside!

Chase and Mommy on Christmas Eve

Grandpa and Owen

The Anderson side

Chase is asking for more raisins-looking very dapper 
I had to bribe the boys with food to sit down.  They wouldn't look at me.
Owen is asking Grandpa for help opening a gift
Jeff with his ornaments of Chase and Owen's finger prints
The UFO the boys got was really a gift for Jeff. It's remote controlled.  Jeff was flying it, wasn't good at flying it yet, and got it stuck in my mom's hair.  It took a bunch of her hair out!  Later that week he got it stuck in my dad's hair!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I just love to read to Chase and Owen.  After a nice bath, all warm and cozy in their pjs, we read together before bed.  I like this ritual.  I like all rituals.  Jeff teases me about this.  I like remembering the rituals from my childhood and reading was one of them.  Plus, all research shows that reading to your children is about the most beneficial thing you can do for them.

Chase and Owen's heads are literally squishing my cheeks together!  I love it!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meet Santa and His Reindeer

This is our reindeer friend.  He is one of those clings that you put on the window.  Cute huh?

This is Santa.  Do you see him?  Do you see bits of him?  Poor Santa.

Chase and Owen had fun helping me put the clings on the windo.  I had a very cute Santa and Reindeer.  They got ahold of Santa and tore him to shreds taking him off the window and putting him back on.  They had a lot of fun doing it so that's all that matters.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Kissmas

Chase and Owen would like to say Merry Kissmas to you all.  They were pretty cute tonight giving each other kisses as I sat on the ground and fed them yogurt straight from the container.  Hey, you do what you need to do, right? It's so much fun to watch the love between them. 


A New Discovery

Chase and Owen discovered, drum roll, . . . . ELMO!   Oh no-it begins.  :)  Last week we pulled out an Elmo video and they were mesmerized.  They stand right in front of the TV or sit in their little cricket chairs together.  It's pretty cute. Prior to last week they had little interest in the TV.  What have we done?

Owen will point at the TV, point at the chairs and then sign "please".  It's so cute.  If you say, "Do you want Elmo?", they will say "yes." 

Owen watches Elmo alone.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas with the Bergers

We celebrated Christmas last weekend with Pat, Lindsay, Sophie and Gavin.  It was a fun time-especially watching the kids open their gifts.  It's always nice to celebrate with family and the kids add an extra special element.

Jeff and the boys

Jeff and baby Gavin
Owen got a little mushed into the couch

Chase opens a gift
Uncle Pat and Cousin Gavin

Owen examines our gift

Aunt Lindsay helps Owen and Chase play take out Sophie's gift.
Sophie looks at her doll house furniture