Monday, August 31, 2009

Owen Walks!

This video is a little obnoxious, only because of Jeff and I, but be warned. It's adorable of Owen walking from Jeff to myself, wobbling around a little. He's really starting to warm up to the idea that he can walk, but crawling is still so much faster for Owen. Chase took his first two steps tonight from Jeff to me, very exciting for him! He was so happy, smiling and so proud of himself. He just runs into our arms.

Momma's First Day of School

Like most people, our family always took a picture on the first day of school. Since it was my first day back at school this year, Owen, Chase and I took a picture to commemorate the day. The boys did super at daycare, once again. Owen walked across the deck (of course it happened on the day I go back to work), they took 2 long naps, ate a good lunch and had a great time playing. I know this because they took off from me in the morning and barely acknowledged me when I came to pick them up. They were having so fun! Praise God.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Can Grow Multiples

I can grow multiples pretty well. Check out these multiples I grew.

Aren't they cute?

Now, look at these multiples.

That's right-triplet sunflowers! I was in the garden today examining the sunflowers when I noticed one of the heads had 2 flowers on it! I was so excited to tell Jeff I grew twin sunflowers. I went back out a little while later to take pictures and realized it was actually 3 heads on the sunflower! WOW, pretty cool.

Owen and Chase like to Bounce Bounce

We have a new game in our house. It's called Bouncy Bouncy. It all started one day after naps. I went in to get Owen and put Chase in with him. Suddenly they were both holding on to the edge of the crib bouncing up and down. They get some air! It was so adorable I ran downstairs and got the camera. They like to smash their faces between the slats and give me a kiss, too. I love it!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Can You Find My Little One?

My pretty zinnia

my 3 big sunflowers-they are about 8 feet tall

Morning Glories on our trellis

Owen went with me to the garden yesterday to take pictures of the abundance of "stuff". He had fun digging in the dirt and eating it, while I took pictures. Can you find him in one picture? My garden has been a source of joy this summer. I love to watch it grow, although picking things isn't my favorite thing to do. I need to get out there and deal with some giant beans, baseball bat sized zucchini, tomatoes and HUGE pumpkins I have. Something was eating the pumpkins and I declared war on them. I used a spray to keep them away and so far they've not eaten anymore pumpkins or leaves. Next summer I have plans to enlarge the garden and plant rows farther apart. I just didn't have the room this summer to do that. I have things in the garden I haven't even used because I can't find them. he he.

On another note: I start back at school on Monday-:(. This has been coming for a good year now and I've known it, but haven't wanted to write about it. The boys had 2 trial days at daycare this week. Wednesday I went with them for an hour and then left them for 45 minutes while I ran to school. Yesterday they went for lunch and naptime and did GREAT!!! I'm so proud of my little lovies. It's very difficult to leave them and there have been many tears shed and I'm sure many more will be shed.

Chase's big belly sticking out.

Chase doing "eat"

Owen climbing

Owen going through the tunnel

Chase and Owen playing together.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Playing Games

videoChase and Owen love to play Peek-a-Boo with each other. Check out the fun. I was lucky to get it on video. Aren't they adorable?!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tupperware Pushing

One of Chase and Owen's favorite things to do is to take ALL my tupperware out of the drawer and push it around. Here is a video of them pushing it. They are not as fast as they normally are and typically they push it around for 10-15 minutes. It's hillarious until someone takes someone else's tupperware. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So Big

We love playing "How big are you?" at our house. This video is from a few weeks ago. Chase has it down and Owen was just learning. I think it's adorable of both of them. :)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Good Day

It's a good day!
Why? Because I'm able to post these pictures. . . . . . .

Our family on the Merry-Go-Round

Susie and Chase

Owen and Jeff

. . . . .which means I found our camera! Our camera (little one) has been missing since the fair and I was VERY bummed out because of this. It had good pictures on it and it has video capacity, whereas our other camera doesn't. I found it in the diaper bag that I looked through 1,000 times. Thank God!

In other news . . . Owen had his finger bit by Chase. Same story as before. Chase stood for the first time by himself. Owen has a new tooth (bottom next to his middle one) and we checked out Miller Park in EP today. They have a great sand area, water play area and it's a wonderful park. Chase and Owen has fun eating and playing in the sand. They were quite the hit at the park. It was a fun and busy day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


No, we don't have a new puppy at our house, but Owen sure could qualify as one! He loves his lovey. He loves his lovey so much that he carries it around the house in his mouth. He crawls with it in his mouth, plays with it in his mouth, taunts his brother with it in his mouth . . . It's pretty cute and pretty funny. I call him puppy sometimes because of it.

Speaking of brothers . . . we had our first spat the other day. Owen took something from Chase and Chase hit Owen in the face. Hmmm, should get interesting around here.

This is the progression of carrying the lovey to getting it to a comfy position while Owen sucks his thumb.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What's New?

Gosh, what's new at our house? Well, today Chase stuck his finger in Owen's mouth and Owen preceded to bite it. What else was he to do, right? Chase cried for awhile, which is totally understandable. I've been bitten by Owen too and it hurts! Chase had two little teeth marks on his finger.

We got a water/sand table yesterday that has been a hit so far. Our friend Rachel brought us a Cozy Coupe today too! :) I had been telling her I was looking for one at a garage sale. So, being the nice friend she is, she went to Craig's list and found us one. The boys LOVED it! They rode in it and pushed it.

Do you think Chase is excited?!

We've been doing a lot of playing with tupperware, putting things in and out of boxes, putting things on our heads and my head. We do lots of crawling around playing, "I'm gonna get you!", up and down the stairs, up and down our soft play set inside, pushing cars, trying to walk, oh it's a busy time. Chase and Owen love to open cupboards and pull out EVERYTHING. I'm getting pretty tired of picking up after them-the cupboards might get safety locks on them soon! :)

Chase and Owen love to throw their food and cups on the floor-also getting tired of this. They have learned to sign "milk", however they are overgeneralizing and doing it for anything they want. It's pretty dang cute, though, I'm not gonna lie. Their little hands open and shut to tell us what they want and we just laugh.

They are both saying "da" for Daddy and "dut" for duck. They LOVE their bath ducks!

Owen says "t" for light and they both say something for ball. They understand quite a bit of language, which is fun for me to observe.

We are quite fond of our almost-done-deck. Chase and Owen got to sit on our new furniture!

So big!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"How To Go Down Stairs" by Chase

First, reach down to feel for the bottom step.

Second, lay on your tummy so you can actually feel the bottom step.

Next, look under your legs to make sure you are doing things right. (and scare Mommy a bit by teetering on the concrete steps)

Continue on by feeling for the next step in a triangle position.

Let your leg come down on the step and bring both hands down.

Last, finish off the descent with a tada peek through your legs for the cute factor.

My children do know how to go down the stairs in a typical fashion-that is with their legs leading. However, they prefer to go down head first. I don't know what it is, but they love it. We have yet to have any severe tumbles.

In this series of pictures Chase demonstrates how he goes down the stairs. I think it's pretty graceful, how about you?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Photo Shoot Gone Wrong

Chase loves to smile.

Looking stunned.

Smiling lots and showing those teeth.

Chase and Owen love each other!



It was a lovely afternoon. Chase and Owen were modeling their new "Blessing" and "Gift" onesies and I got some great shots. Shortly after that we were playing in the pool with oatmeal and someone (Chase and Owen) spilled my Coke on the concrete. I got the hose to clean it off and suddenly the day turned nuts! Chase and Owen went crazy at the sight of the water and the hose. So, in my laid back-let the kids learn by exploring-fashion, they were drenched within minutes. Boy was it fun. I didn't know freezing cold water from the hose could be so fun.

Owen splashes in the watering can

Chase experiments with the water from the hose. He wonders what is spraying him in the face.

Loving the water! I just love the look of pure joy on Chase's face.

"I wonder what it will do if I put my hand HERE".

Double Trouble

Owen learns about water from the hose and Chase takes a break.

Owen is a little wet.

Owen didn't care if he got soaked and dripped from his face.

"What?!! It's still coming out?" This is Owen's excited face.

"Mom, I'm wet and tired."