Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Chase and Owen have an amazing Daddy and I, an amazing husband. I haven't blogged about him in awhile and thought he deserved some time. Check out these photos of C and O beating on him. It's pretty funny to watch them rough house. I even get in there sometimes, but they keep going back to Daddy for more. What are Dad's for, I guess. Speaking of Dad's, I'd like to mention my Dad-the most amazing Dad (other than Jeff) ever. He used to rough house with his girls, bought us Stomper trucks, let us take all the cushions off the furniture and turn over the couch (no kidding) when my mom left for choir on Thursday nights! We would have a blast. Then he would gently put us to bed with a story from Fuzzy, the koala puppet, and say our prayers with us. What a great Dad, huh! :)

I also have an amazing husband, and C and O a great Daddy, because he is able to figure out how to build this . . .

I didn't know I had a carpenter living in my house, but I did know I had a determined and resourceful man living here. Over the 4th of July Jeff said, "I think I'm going to build a deck myself." I said, "Great!" I've known he could do it, but he wasn't so sure. So, the following weekend he started! Here is where we are currently. Jeff has single handedly built the deck. I mean, I did help put up one board, but I'm not sure it was actually "helping". It's been fun to watch it go up and fun to watch Jeff's joy in building.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At the Splash Pad on a Sunny Summer Day

Chase and Daddy having fun.

Chase and Daddy

Owen and Mommy learning how to use the water sprayer.

Owen and Mommy discovering the water shooter

This is so fun!

Owen is such a big boy!

Owen plays by the slide at the pool

Owen and Jeff playing near the turtle

Chase enjoying a stroll through the water

Chase and Jeff


Oh we love the splash pad! I take the boys there during the week-yes-by myself. We made it a family outing last weekend and had a blast. We played outside and then went inside to the pool and our little fish swam their hearts out. Owen played with the water guns, learning to pull the handle to make the water come out.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Couscous is Yum Yum

Chase enjoys the couscous

Check out the couscous in Owen's eyelashes

Chase makes a face

Owen chews on his spoon

We like to eat couscous, it is so yum yum yummy! We even like the little pieces in our eyelashes. What a messy food!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Owen wants more spaghetti!

Chase pushes in a piece of spaghetti.

Owen is a messy and funny boy.

When Chase wants a drink of water this is how far he opens his mouth EVERY time!

Jeff and the boys screaming for joy because the spaghetti is so good!

Last night the boys had their first meal of spaghetti. I was braced for the worst, but it didn't turn out as messy as I thought it would! Even better, they liked it! Yipee for spaghetti!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Chase is just a little ball of love and energy. This boy makes my heart skip a beat every time he throws his chubby little arms around my neck. Chase is such a people person these days. He doesn't want to be put down if you are holding him and just wants to cuddle. Maybe he is getting teeth? or maybe he knows I'm going back to work in about a month. Chase loves to give kisses, have his cheeks pinches, loves to laugh and smile and be carried around the house. He is lovable and loving.

Chase loves to play with his big red ball and all balls for that matter. He's very good at rolling them and throwing them. He looks for his ball when you ask where it is and will crawl over and pat it. Every time you pick him up he kicks his legs over and over-no joke. Chase has so much joy he can't contain it! He kicks, dances, moves and smiles all the time. He's just a sweet sweet boy. When Chase sits he always crosses his legs at the ankles, very cute.

Chase loves to walk around the house with your help. He is also in a stage where once he learns how to do a task he wants to do it over and over and over. So, often times he and Mommy go up and down the two stairs outside 30 times in a row. As soon as he gets to the bottom he turns his body around and climbs up the stairs again. It's pretty funny. Chase is also a good climber. He loves to climb on top of things. Boxes, toys, cushions, brother, etc. Once on top he gives us this great look of accomplishment, opens his mouth wide and laughs.

Speaking of opening his mouth wide, Chase is the best baby to feed. When he wants something he opens his mouth so wide it looks like it hurts. It's hilarious! He loves to eat fruit-blueberries are the new fruit of choice. He grabs a lot of food in his little hand and shoves it into his mouth. This typically ends up being quite messy, as well as too much food in his mouth. Two nights ago we had to quickly pull him from his high chair and get the food out because he was chocking. It was very scary. Before Chase will let you feed him he must look at the food and approve it before he will let it into his mouth. If he doesn't like it you can expect his little tongue to come out until all the food falls off it. He likes to do the "sprinkler" as he talks and sprays food around.

Chase is considered laid back. Sometimes this is the case, sometimes not. :) He is very observant, which might be what people think is laid back. He takes in a situation, watching people and things and then determines how he will respond to it. It's a great skill and I'm so happy he is able to do this. He tends to be patient and doesn't get too frustrated by things he can't do-unless it comes to walking. He loves to be walked and when we stop he throws a little fit. I don't blame him, though. It's so fun to be able to walk!

He also loves water! Chase lays on his tummy and kicks his legs and moves his arms in what looks like swimming motions. He'll even put his face in! He loves to crawl around in the tub. At the swimming pool he enjoys walking in the water, crawling it up to his chin (he would go further if I let him), being swung in the water and exploring in general. I think he's going to be a fish, just like his Mommy was.

I love having Chase as my son. He is a ray of light in my day and provides so much joy. He is perceptive, joyous, sensitive, fun loving, easy going, loving, easy to love, and funny! What a blessing from God he is in my life!


Owen is proud of his ability to get on and off his bike.

Owen is a wonderful little one year old boy! He is just a sparkle in my eye and I could sit and watch him play all day. It almost makes me cry he is so sweet and learning so much while he plays. Owen is very independent right now. He loves to push his trucks around the house. The house will be quiet and suddenly Owen will appear pushing his truck, focused only on what lies ahead of him, not even aware we are laughing at how cute he is.

Owen LOVES his lovey. Whenever he sees it he smiles and reaches for it. He sucks on his thumb while holding onto the lovey in both hands. Sometimes he bits the lovey too-I think this is related to his teething.

Owen loves to look at the lights and point out lights on the ceiling wherever we go. He is very observant (unless he is focused on a task). He loves his trucks, balls, pushing a big truck while walking, climbing up the stairs, talking, and eating. Owen is a very neat eater, only picking up small amounts of food at a time and carefully placing it in his mouth.

Owen is snugly and enjoys hugs and kisses. He likes to give his stuffed animals kisses, too. He has big chubby cheeks which I kiss and pinch daily. He likes to smile and give goofy looks along with making strange monster sounds, the /t/ sound, and lots of dadas. He does not have an official first word yet, however.

Owen is very good at figuring out how things work and then practicing it over and over and over. He recently learned, all by himself, how to get on and off his truck and the zebra. He likes to stack things and put lids back on items. He is good at watching how things are done and picks up on it easily. Owen shows he is proud by looking at you with a small smile and a bit of pride. It is so sweet and I feel so proud of him when he accomplishes a task.

Owen is a fast crawler and loves to crawl on the pavement in our garage on the driveway. Grass is a little scratchy for him. He also likes to pick the flowers off my plants, much to my dismay. He's just so cute I have a hard time saying no!

I love Owen for the baby he is, gentle, smart, goofy, intuitive, sweet, charming, playful and eager to learn. I am so proud to call him my son and thank God daily for Owen and all his wonderful qualities.